Healthcare R&D and Spending Act

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A resolution to increase spending for research and development for medical technologies and the construction of new healthcare facilities.

Article 1 - State Healthcare Budget

1.1 - The State Healthcare Spending shall be increased to 6 billion florin per annum or 1.5 billion per quarter.

1.2 - This new spending will be spent on new research and development, running new hospitals that will be built, running the private hospitals nationalised by the The Public Hospitals and Healthcare Act (635) and to improve the facilities in the existing hospitals.

Article 2 - R&D

1.1 - This bill provides funding for the research of various vaccines against deadly pathogens and the distribution of said vaccines.

1.2 - This resolution also provides funding for the research development and rollout of improved chemotherapy and other cures to cancer.

1.3 - We will also build new research facilities and repair old ones over the course of 3 years. This is intended to cost 1.5 billion over 3 years or 500 million per annum.

1.4 - Overall this resolution intends to spend 1 billion per annum more on medical research.

Article 3 - Medical Logistics

1.1 - This provision calls for added spending to obtain better medical facilities and to build hundreds of new gospials over the next few years.

1.2 - This Bill will finance the acquiition of more and faster ambulances to transport those in need of care to a medical facilty in the shortest time.

1.3 - Other logistical operations in the medical field shall also be provided for. These will be operated by the Ministry of Health and Education while ambulances can be run in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation.

1.4 - These programs under logistics shall be provided an additional 1.8 billion per annum.

written by Hoffe von Richter

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