The Public Hospitals and Healthcare Act (635)

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An act to ensure affordable healthcare to every resident of the Kodiak Republic.
Approved on 14 Dec 2021 with 13 Aye, 4 Nay, 2 Abstain.

Article 1 - Nationalisation of Emergency Departments

1.1 - All emergency departments shall be owned and operated by the Ministry of Health, to be administrated by local offices within each constituency.
1.2 - Emergency care shall be provided free at the point of service for all citizens.
1.3 - This article does not prevent an insurance network to operate private intensive care and emergency follow up departments for residents and citizens who qualify for that network's private services.
1.4 - Provides for the transition from private to public ownership a transition period of three years from the passage of this act.
1.5 - The funding for the operation of emergency departments, as well as the transition period, shall be set at ₣1,000,000,000 per financial quarter.

Article 2 - Provision to Construct and Maintain Public Hospitals

2.1 - Local governments shall no longer be constrained from utilising public funds to build, staff, and administrate public health facilities.
2.2 - Any such facility shall, upon proper vetting by the Department of Health, be permitted to apply for a nationally funded emergency department to be funded under this act.

Article 3 - Obligation to Purchase Private Insurance

3.1 - All non-citizens residing in Kodiak for a period 91 days or longer are hereby obligated to purchase emergency services insurance from their choice of private insurer.
3.2 - Emergency care provided to a non-citizen shall be billed to that citizen at the internal cost rate to be covered by their insurer, or if uninsured, by the non-citizen personally.
3.3 - Residents who are citizens of any nation whose public health service maintains an agreement of reciprocity with the Kodiak Republic Department of Health are exempt from the demands of this Article.

Written by Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand.

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