First Mondo Cabinet

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First Cabinet of Alexander Mondo
Cabinet Mondo I

3rd Cabinet of the
Seventh Kodiak Republic
Date formed21 January 636
Date dissolved21 January 639
People and organisations
ChancellorAlexander Mondo
Status in legislature
144 / 200 (72%)
Opposition leaderHoffe von Richter
Election636 General Election
PredecessorBattenburg-Grafton I
SuccessorKarlsson I

The First Mondo Cabinet was the government of the Serene Republic of Kodiak from 21 January 636 until 21 January 639. It was led by Chancellor Alexander Mondo. Factions within the General Assembly were related to their general alignment during the 630 von Guelderlaand Parliament and Mr. Mondo was leader of the centre-nationalist faction which supported Battenburg-Grafton in the previous parliament.

It was installed following the 636 Kodiak General Election and succeeded the First Battenburg-Grafton Cabinet. Mondo was elected as Chancellor by the General Assembly on 18 January 636. His cabinet, being the last before the creation of political parties, was constructed exclusively of independent members and was formally approved by the Kodiak General Assembly three days later.


Portfolio Minister Took Office Left Office Party
Minister of Treasury and Revenue
Alexander Mondo 18 January 636 18 January 639 - Ind.
Minister of Social Services
Minister of Transportation
Wesley Karlsson 21 January 636 21 January 639 Ind.
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs Chelsey Lovendara 21 January 636 21 January 639 Ind.
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order Benjamin Great 21 January 636 21 January 639 Ind.
Minister of Commerce and Labour Alan Trestkov 21 January 636 21 January 639 Ind.
Minister of Health and Education Timothy Vikstein 21 January 636 21 January 639 Ind.
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