Water Act Amendment, 644

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Water Act Amendment, 644

A resolution to amend the Water Act, 641 to supervise and moderate water usage and aid in resolving the ongoing water crisis.
Passed 24 August 2022 - 18 Aye, 01 Nay, 03 Abstain.

Be it Resolved

RECOGNISING the ongoing water crisis within the Kodiak Republic;

UNDERSTANDING the responsibility of the state work to resolve this crisis as guardian of state water infrastructure;

PRESSING the urgency by which action must be taken to manage the ongoing food crisis resulting from lack supervision of irrigation and municipal usage;

NOTING the slow speed in present roll out for water metering within the Republic;

HEREBY amends Article 2 of the Water Act 641 with the following -

Article 2 - Establishing the Kodiak Central Reservoir

2.5 - The Ministry of Finance shall allocate an annual subsidy for meter installation to the KCR not to exceed ₣250 million per quarter.

Proposed by Chancellor Patrick Barber, Leader of the Kodiak Workers' Party.

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