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Kenward Matthews (602-)


  • General Assembly Member
  • Kodiak foreign diplomat
  • Former CEO of StarExplorer Telescopes, ltd.

Kenward Matthews was born in 602 in Graz to a middle-income family. His father was a medical mathematician and his mother a lawyer. He studied astronomy in the Kodiak National University and got his PhD overseas. He became a professor in the Kodiak National University shortly after his graduation. Kenward also founded a company in 643 named StarExplorer Telescopes, Limited, which he ran in parallel to his professorship. He worked as a professor of astronomy until 648, when politics became his full-time job.

StarExplorer Telescopes soon dominated the telescope market of Kodiak, and most of Kenward's political investments originate from the company's revenue. However, he passed the ownership of the company down to his son in 653 due to a lack of time.

Kenward's introduction to politics was by being invited to join the town council of Graz, which he accepted in 645. He was elected as mayor of Graz in 648 and again in 651. He didn't run for re-election in 654 and instead became the assistant of a member of Assembly. He was elected as member of the General Assembly in the 657 general elections and was shortly after appointed as foreign diplomat.


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