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Luik Oule (Active)

Luik Oule's official photo, taken in 649 by Alyka Kynuo.

Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Commerce and Labour in the Groves Cabinet Representative of the Sourki Metropolitan Area Member of the Kodiak Worker's Party Former Member of the Brigade

Born in 616 to two middle class workers in Tallounu, Luik Oule spent most of his childhood living with his maternal grandmother. The absence of his parents had a profound impact on him, and his childhood self was described by many as short-tempered and prone to violence. So, in 630 at the age of 14, his parents sent him to an all-boys boarding school in Sourki, Bozentko Ekolem.

It was there where he realized his left-wing sentiments. While on a school excursion, his class toured the Lower Wards of the city. Mortified by the amounts of poverty he witnessed by simply driving down the streets, he became determined to change things.

In 631 at age 15, he registered and became a member of the local chapter of the Red Brigade, an ultra-leftist paramilitary organization. A few months later, he dropped out of school to live with friends in the Brigade. During this time, the Brigade became increasingly violent, committing acts of terrorism across Kodiak.

There have been allegations that he committed acts of terrorism during his time in the Brigade; however, Oule has stated that he was never involved in illegal acts during his membership.

In late 638, after 7 years in the Brigade, he left its ranks to finish school and pursue a degree. In 641, he earned a GED from the Sourki Centre for Education. 5 years later, in 646, he graduated from Sourki Central University with a bachelor's in Political Science. A year later, he joined the KWP and ran for political office in the election of 648. He succeeded in sustaining the KWP's hold over the district, taking over for retired politician Mattias Reke.

In the election of 651, he won reelection and was offered the positions of Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Commerece and Labour in the Groves Cabinet.

Mattias Reke (Retired)



The nation I currently use. History, language, and climate vaguely based off Finland's.

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