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Everett Grey(638-Present) is a Kodiaker Politician and small business owner. He was elected in 664 to the General Assembly as an independent. He owns a small car dealership in The Darrent named Car-Tune.

Member of General Assembly of the Kodiak Republic Personal details Born March 12, 638 Nationality Kodiak Political party Independent Spouse(s) Mary Grey Residence Grey House 606 Williams Street, The Darrent, Taiping Profession Politician, Entrepreneur, Car Mechanic

Basic Story Everett Grey was born on March 12, 638 in the small town of Springfield, The Darrent. He grew up on a farm which taught him the importance of working hard. He was educated in Public school K-12. He did not attend University and instead started off as an apprentice in a car dealership. He worked his way up before leaving and founding his own car dealer in Taiping named Car-Tune. It was founded on June 25, 658. The car dealership became very successful which led Everett Grey to marry Mary Lealing in 660 and purchase a home on the outskirts of Taiping. After getting mad at the news on television this made him pursue politics with a Center Right point of view. He vowed to not join any political party and instead to be an independent. He joined the General Assembly in 664 to primarily focus on expanding the armed forces of Kodiak

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