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Member of the Kodiak General Assembly & theoretical physicist

Emile was born in Astroburg 597, and studied theoretical physics at Kodiak National University. After graduating and being awarded his PhD in 623, he became professor at the KNU. His research focuses on relativity at the quantum scale, and he is one of the leading scientists in the field.

In 641, he first got into politics by joining a small group of scientists promoting scientific advancements in society. He joined the Democratic Progress Party of Kodiak (DPPK) in 647 and quickly rose to the top. In 648, Emile was elected member of the General Assembly of the Kodiak Republic. After being out of politics for scientific matters, he returned in 652 to his post. Emile is now head of the physics department at the Kodiak National University and General Assmbly member.

Emile is a strong advocate for investment in scientific research, education and environmental friendliness. He is trying to ban all types of firearms.

In his spare time, Emile enjoys listening to classical music and practicing medieval swordfighting.

Campains and bills

Cyber security

His first legislation proposal was article 10-Cyber security from the felony act. He recommended its creation to the leader of the DPPK, and it was subsequently proposed in 636. It was approved by the General Assembly and became part of the Kodiak Law Code.

Currently, the cyber security is not being discussed and it does not appear Emile is working on it.

The urbanization act

After Emile returned from scientific matters in 652, his first act was the proposal of the urbanization act. It was created to control rapid urbanization and to take environmental concerns into account.

Currently, the bill is yet to be presented to the General Assembly.

The firearm campain

Emile believes there is no reason for firearms to remain legal. As a first act, he plans to lower the funding for the act and to increase the firearms prices. Emile also wants to add mental health checks to ensure the owner is not a threat.

When he first shared his plans, he recieved a mixed response. Certain individuals were heavily opposes, while others were convinced.

Even though this is a good step, Emile's ultimate wish is to ban firearms completely.

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