The urbanization act, 652

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Article 1 - Establishment of the Urbanization Administration Department (UAD)

1.1 Establishes the Urbanization Administration Department (UAD) under the Ministry of Social Services.

1.2 The UAD shall oversee all urbanization programs.

1.3 The UAD will be coordinated by a board of ten advisors, appointed on 7-year terms by the sitting Minister of Social Services.

1.4 The UAD shall be responsible for the administration of the provisions of this act

Article 2-Legal regulation

2.1 It is against Kodiak law to construct a building of an area of more than 6 square meters and 2.5 meters tall without a permit.

2.2 For the construction or renovation of a building, the local UAD administration must evaluate the circumstances and determine whether construction may proceed. A permit, when granted, is valid for 2 years.

2.3 Buildings exceeding seven stories are classified as ‘skyscrapers’. Skyscrapers require an environmental investigation on top of standard procedure to evaluate its impact on surrounding nature and buildings.

2.4 Small extra buildings, such as garden houses, do not require a permit unless the maximum of 6 square meters and 2.5 meters height is reached. 2.5 When a proposal is rejected, it can only be resubmitted after three months.

2.6 The Department may command changes to proposals if the requirements are not met.

Article 3-Urbanization regulation

3.1 The Department may evaluate a village or city and assign it one of two types:

3.1.1 Urban area: the area is a city or lies in the vicinity of a city.

3.1.2 Non-urban area: the area does not lie in the vicinity of a city and is more rural.

3.2 The maximum amount of constructed area in a non-urban area may not exceed 70%. If this limit is exceeded, the UAD will re-evaluate the area’s status.

3.3 The maximum amount of constructed area in an urban area may not exceed 96%. If this limit is exceeded, the UAD must evaluate the situation and act appropriately.

3.4 The Department will have the ability to halt the construction of a building or demolish a building if deemed necessary for the following reasons:

3.4.1 The legal requirements for construction are not met.

3.4.2 The construction of the building results in the exceeding of maximal constructed area.

3.4.3 The building is deemed inappropriate or has negative impact on its surroundings.

3.4.4 The Department may halt construction for other reasons after case-by-case evaluation

Article 4-Environmental concerns

4.1 The use of dangerous substances during construction, such as asbestos, is strictly forbidden.

4.2 The demolition of forests and other natural habitats to create space for buildings is strongly discouraged. This may only happen after a study by UAD deems it necessary.

4.3 Environmentally friendly buildings are strongly encouraged, and 10 percent of their total price will be subsidized by the UAD.

4.4 If environmental requirements are not met, the owner of the building risks a fine of not more than 100 000 Florins.

Article 5-funding

5.1 Funding shall be allocated from the general fund by the Ministry of Social Services.

5.2 The Ministry of Social Services shall be allocated 2,250 million florins quarterly to fund all activities of the UAD.

Written and Proposed by Emile, DPPK.

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