The Yenist Kingdom of Republic of Rolisica

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The Yenist Kingdom of Rolisica (Rorishika no ​​ i~enisuto ōkoku)
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Equality Peace

Capital New Kirk City
Largest city New Kirk City
Language Rolisican
Religion Christianity, Muslim
Population 770,141,621 million (by Nationstates[1]
  per capita 49.3 trillion Rolisican Yen a year (by nationstates)
Currency Rolisican Yen
Time Zone Timezones depends on region (New Kirk City = Rolisican Eastern Time)
  summer Rolisican Eastern Time+10
Calling Code +912
Internet TLD .rls
Organizations *Infant Island Operation Group (IIOG)

The Yenist Kingdom of Republic of Rolisica is a nation in The east of Kodiak Republic Region, with the highest mountain ever (Mothra Volcano, 9km).


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