The Vacant Land Exploitation Act (644)

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The Vacant Land Exploitation Act, 644

A resolution to improve conditions of life of farmers and regular citizens in periods of crisis.

Article 1 - Definition

1.1 - Vacant land; any land owned/protected nor by an individual, nor by a private corporation, nor by a state-owned agency.

Article 2 - Exploitation

2.1 - All vacant land can be used freely as long as the following regulations is respected.
2.2 - Infrastructure that is not made for farming purposes can not be added on these parcels of land.
2.3 - Governmental agencies from the Kodiak Republic as well as local governments have the right to expel a worker from occupied vacant land without any justification needed.
2.4 - Farmlands are the only authorized type of exploitation allowed on vacant lands.
2.5 - The prices of products produced on these parcels of vacant land is set by the Ministry of Agriculture and indexed on inflation.
2.6 - Individuals who do not have equipment to farm can apply for a loan from the government to pay for equipment. This loan shall be paid back in full with no interest. Failure to pay back the loan will result in the repossession of the farming equipment.

Article 3 - Regulation and Finance

3.1 - The Ministry of Agriculture shall set the price at MSRP and then let the free market adjust the price due to inflation and other factors.
3.2 - Loans issued for farming equipment shall be paid on a minimum basis of 5% the total value of the loan each month.
3.3 - The Ministry of Agriculture will handle the buying, selling, and distributing of all goods produced in these parcels of land. They shall be bought from the farmers at 98% of the retail price and sold to consumers with a 2% profit margin that will be allocated to the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Author - G. Bernier, Gen.e, MGA

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