The Urbanisation Act, 657

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The Urbanization act An Act to establish the standards and responsibilities in regard to Urbanization.

ACTIONED on ## MONTH ###, with ## Aye, ## Nay, and ## Abstaining.

Article 1 - Establishment of the Kodiak Urbanization Management Company

1.1 Establishes the Kodiak Urbanization Management Company (the Company) as a state-run and state-owned enterprise hereby responsible for managing urban development, regulation of the construction of buildings and the demolition of buildings within the boundaries of the Republic of Kodiak.

1.2 The purpose of the Company is to provide safe and affordable housing conditions to the citizens of Kodiak, to promote the economic development of the republic, to encourage the efficient and environmentally friendly development of cities within the republic, and to operate as a profitable enterprise.

Article 2 - Powers and Responsibilities

2.1 The Company shall have the power to:

  2.1.1 Manage and regulate the construction of new buildings within the borders of the Republic of Kodiak;
  2.1.2 Manage and regulate the demolishment of buildings deemed unsafe for habitation or illegal;
  2.1.3 Manage and regulate the development of rural areas into urban areas;
  2.1.4 Set rates and fees for its services, subject to the approval of the Minister for Revenue and Treasury;
  2.1.5 Enforce national regulations and laws regarding urbanization; and
  2.1.6 Carry out any other duties necessary for the operation of the Company.

2.2 The Company shall be responsible for:

  2.2.1 Ensuring the timely and accurate provision of its services;
  2.2.2 Providing customer service and support to users of the Company;
  2.2.3 Maintaining accurate records of its operations and finances;
  2.2.4 Developing and implementing policies and procedures for the operation of the Company;
  2.2.5 Coordinating with federal urban authorities and other relevant agencies as necessary; 
  2.2.6 Following the regulations established in Article 5; and
  2.2.7 Any other duties assigned by the Minister of Social Services.

Article 3 - Funding and Budget

3.1 The Company shall be funded through the Kodiak State Budget and shall be authorized to collect fees for its services as set forth in Section 2.1.3.

3.2 The Company shall submit an annual budget to the Minister for Revenue and Treasury for approval, which shall include detailed information on the Company's expenses, revenue, and projected needs.

3.3 The Company shall be run as a competing enterprise alongside private urban development companies in accordance with Section 1.2.

3.4 The sum of ₣ 10,000 million is authorized for the cost of nationalizing existing private enterprises and acquiring any necessary urban infrastructure.

Article 4 - Personnel and Management

4.1 The Company shall be managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who shall be appointed by the Minister for Social Services.

4.2 The CEO shall be responsible for the overall management and operation of the Company, and shall have the power to appoint and remove employees as necessary.

4.3 The CEO shall report to the Minister for Social Services on the activities and performance of the Company.

Article 5 - Urbanization Regulations

5.1 A building shall be considered illegal when it does not possess a permit granted by the local authority;

  5.1.1 Illegal buildings shall be demolished by the Company as stated in 2.1.2;

5.2 The use of dangerous substances during construction, such as asbestos, is strictly forbidden;

5.3 No more than 4 000 hectares in non-urban areas shall be used for urban construction annually;

5.4 Forests and other natural habitats may not be used for construction unless deemed absolutely necessary by governmental authorities;

5.5 All buildings constructed after the establishment of this bill may not have its primary energy source be the burning of wood and/or coal;

  5.5.1 The burning of wood and/or coal  as a secondary energy source is allowed for a maximum of 90 days per year for all buildings;
  5.5.2 The owners of buildings whose only energy source is the burning of wood and/or coal shall be subsidized a maximum of ₣ 500 to install a new energy source by the Kodiak State Budget;
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