The State Schools Act (Inter)

From The Kodiak Republic Wiki

An act to establish and regulate a national school system.
Enacted during the Great Interregnum

Article 1 - The State School System

Superseded by the State Education and Standards Act, 649.

1.1 - A national school directorate shall be established in the capital city of Rykkburgh.
1.2 - All residents of the republic between the ages of four and nineteen shall be entitled to free and ongoing primary and secondary education.
1.3 - The State School System shall be quarterly funded with ₣4,300,000,000.

Article 2 - Selective Schooling

2.1 - Students identified as performing exceptionally well academically shall be entitled to a separate and accelerated curriculum.

Article 3 - School Secularity

3.1 - Kodiak State Schools are by policy secular.
3.2 - Religion shall be taught in an academic fashion only.
3.3 - Students are entitled to accommodation for their familial religious belief, in-so-far as they do not interfere with the education of another student.
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