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"Unite, scientists, and build the future!"

Party Manifesto

Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is by looking at the problem in a completely different way than anyone has before. That is exactly what the Scientist's Alliance of Kodiak does. Why not take a look at politics from a scientific perspective? Science has historically proven to be a great way of solving problems, so why wouldn't that principle apply to politics? We firmly believe that this new, fresh way of looking at politics will solve many of the nations problems—be it economic, social, political or cultural. As a party, we seek to create a healthy, efficient, and highly technological environment in which Kodiak can thrive. Such future—one of peace and prosperity—can only be achieved by using the tools we have so generously been given by generations of researchers, each working together to advance science, in turn securing a better future for humanity.

We encourage members to question everything, for it is through questioning established principles that novel ideas and principles are created. Don't be afraid to question!

The party intends to do its very best to preserve nature in all its forms, both negative and positive, believing humanity should not regard itself as standing above nature. Some, but not all, of our beliefs are grounded in the political philosophy of scientific politics, where the aim is to align the political system more with the laws of nature. Technology, we believe, is a key part society and its future and its development should be prioritized.

Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs:

  • Politics should be regarded from a scientific perspective;
  • Technology is the path to the future;
  • Nature should always be taken into account in politics;
  • Militarisation has a universal negative impact because it encourages violence and hate.

Encouragement of Questioning

We encourage members to question everything, for it is through questioning established principles that novel ideas and principles are created. Discussions and lectures are not only welcome - they are encouraged.

General and Justice Secretary

Each general election, party members can run for election for two positions (can't be the same person): General Secretary and Justice Secretary.

General Secretary

The General Secretary is tasked with helping the party leader and ensuring the party is running smoothly. Concrete tasks are assigned by the party leader.

Justice Secretary

The Justice Secretary is tasked with ensuring that the discussions between party members happen in a civil way. He/she functions as a moderator.


Justice and Order

  1. Criminals should receive psychological treatment and be rehabilitated instead of punished.

Healthcare and Education

  1. Healthcare should be free for all, even immigrants and criminals.
  2. Education, even universitary, should be completely free.
  3. Education should be reworked into a system where students, at least younger ones, learn by asking questions themselves and then getting those answered, not the other way around.
  4. Health and education should recieve the most funding of all ministries.


  1. All transportation should be environmentally friendly.
  2. Citizens must be able to go everywhere at all times using public transport.
  3. A large sum of money must be invested into transportation research using new technology.
  4. A Kodiak space program should exist.

Social Services

  1. Housing should be cheap and be heavily integrated with technology, next to being environmentally friendly.
  2. Water should be free for all citizens.

Labour and Commerce

  1. The establishment of companies in the technology sector is highly encouraged.
  2. There should be a universal job security where firing an employee requires an official reason.
  3. Private industry must be prioritized over state industry.

Defense and Immigration

Revenue and Treasury

Foreign Affairs

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