The Riot Control Act, 649

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Over the last decade, violent civil unrest has become commonplace and it is a destructive habit, which, if not properly contained, can lead to situations where many Kodiakers are injured and/or killed. This bill is designed to prevent that. It will authorize the utilization of crowd control weapons in riot situations. It will also ensure that officers wear and use the proper protective gear to ensure the safe usage of these tools. This bill will also make sure that law enforcement goes through the proper channels to make sure that these last resort weapons are not being used unjustly.

ACTIONED on ## MONTH YEAR with ## Aye, ## Nay, and ## Abstain.

**Withdrawn from the floor by the Author

Article 1-Designated Crowd Control Tools and Riot Protective Equipment

1.1 - The following ammunition, chemicals, and tools are to be designated as crowd control weapons or CCW:
1.1.1 - water cannons
1.1.2 - tear gas
1.1.3 - rubber bullets
1.1.4 - sound cannons
1.1.5 - stun grenades
1.1.6 - directed energy devices
1.1.7 - batons
1.2 - CCW are to be divided into three groups regarding their use:
1.2.1 - prevalent use: - batons - rubber bullets - tear gas
1.2.2 - moderate use: - water cannons - stun grenades
1.2.3 - minimal use: - sound cannons - directed energy devices
1.3 - Prevalent use CCW are to be deployed into riots involving 12+ violent individuals, moderate use CCW are to be deployed into riots involving 100+ violent individuals, and minimal use CCW are to be deployed into riots involving 1000+ violent individuals
1.4 - The following protective clothing and tools are to be designated as riot protective equipment or RPE:
1.4.1 - helmets w/ face shield
1.4.2 - shoulder pads
1.4.3 - chest plates
1.4.4 - stab vests
1.4.5 - knee pads
1.4.6 - riot shields

Article 2-Mobilization of CCW and RPE

2.1 - Crowd control weapons (CCW) and riot protective equipment (RPE) are only to be mobilized in the event that a riot is declared, and only to be mobilized in the city that said riot is declared in.
2.2 - A riot is defined as a violent mob, usually evolving from a protest, which seeks to or has destroyed property and/or injured people in order to protest or support political or religious goals.
2.3 - A riot can be declared if both the mayor and police chief of the city in which the riot is

occurring designate the riot as it is. Then, the police chief is authorized to mobilize riot police armed with CCW and RPE in numbers that the police chief finds appropriate for the situation in order to disperse the mob.

2.4 - If there is any verified evidence that suggests in any way, shape, or form that the riot was unjustly declared, a committee will be formed which investigates both the police chief and mayor of the city. Their findings will be taken to the Minister of Law and Order who will make the final decision. If the Minister of Law and Order finds wrongdoing, both the police chief and mayor will be removed from their position.

Article 3-Delegation of CCW and RPE

3.1 - It is mandatory that each city with a population above 50,000 have enough CCW and RPE to equip ¼ of their police force.
3.2 - Only cities with a population over 100,000 can be equipped with water cannons, sound cannons, and directed energy devices.
3.3 - Other than the above prerequisites, the regional government can choose how to delegate equipment and how much equipment they buy.

Article 4-Purchase of CCW and RPE

4.1 - It is up to the regional government to purchase enough CCW and RPE to equip ¼ of the police force of every city with a population above 50,000 in their region.
4.2 - Regional governments may request funding from the central government to purchase CCW and RPE if they cannot come up with the funds themselves.
4.3 - Requests will be vetted by the deputy minister of law and order (if one exists during a term). If there is no deputy minister of law and order, the request will go to the minister of law and order.

Written and Proposed by Símôn Kalimeno, MGA, NUP.

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