The Micro-Enterprises Act, 649

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An act on the protection of micro-enterprises.

PASSED 12 January 2023 with 12 Aye, 9 Nay, 6 Abstain.

Article 1 - Definition

1.1 - As micro-businesses we define companies that do not exceed 3500 florins in profit per month.

Article 2 - Privileges

2.1 - Micro-enterprises can operate anywhere, as long as its owner has given its consent.
2.2 - Micro-businesses are exempt from paying income tax and all other business related fees, with the exception of the business fee of 1,500 florins per year.
2.3 - A micro-enterprise can be run by a person who has reached the age of 15.

Article 3 - Restrictions

3.1 - One person may run a maximum of 2 micro-enterprises.
3.2 - Only the income of a micro-business is exempt from any fees. If the owner of such a micro-business decides to pay himself a salary, it will be taxed in accordance with the law already in force.

Proposed by Phil Kirk, MGA, TFF.

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