The Kodiak Succession Act, 650

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An Act to clearly establish a line of succession within the government of Kodiak.

REJECTED on 7 April 2023 with 8 Aye, 10 Nay, and 2 Abstain.

Article 1 - Triggering the Line of Succession

1.1 - In the event of the death, resignation, or inability to complete the duties of the office of Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic this act applies to set how a new Chancellor would be chosen
1.2 - In the event of the Chancellors death, resignation, or inability to complete the duties of the office of Chancellor, the Deputy Chancellor will assume the office of the Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic.
1.3 - Establishes the duty of the Chancellor when inaugurated to office to create a list of succession among the minister’s to the Chancellor’s office in the event the deputy Chancellor is unable to complete their term or would be unable to fulfill the duties of the office for the for seeable future

Article 2 - Elevation of the Deputy Chancellor

2.1 - In the event of the Chancellors death or resignation or from other circumstances which would stop them from fulfilling the duties of their office, the Deputy Chancellor would take over as Chancellor until such time as the next election
2.2 - In the event of such unfortunate circumstances as listed in paragraph 2.1 the list of succession would remain unchanged from the former Chancellors list of succession until the time of the next election where a new Chancellor could be chosen

Article 3 - Term Limits

3.1 - If the new Chancellor were inclined to run as the incumbent chancellor they would be allowed to do so
3.2 - The incumbent in question would be able to run for 2 full terms if they gained office during their predecessors last year in office otherwise they would only be able to run for one more full term

Written and Proposed by Jonn Stevens, MGA, DPPK.

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