The Kodiak Security Service Law, 643 (Res)

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A resolution to enact universal conscription of citizens of the republic for a period of 2-3 years in order to defend against external threats to the nation's territorial integrity.

Passed 28 August 2022 with 14 Aye, 10 Nay, 2 Abstain.


IDENTIFYING the state of the armed forces is severally undermanned

RECOGNISING the complex threat of foreign aggression;

PREPARING for the eventuality that the republic must defend its borders from regional powers;

HEREBY alters Title 6 of the Kodiak Law Code to enact The Kodiak Security Service Law, 643. Amends the National Defense Authorization Act 643 to raise the strength cap of the Organized Reserve to 600 million personnel of all ranks.

The Kodiak Security Service Law, 643

An act to mandate service in the Armed Forces and secure opportunities for citizens of the Kodiak Republic.

Article 1 - Eligibility of Service

1.1 - All  male citizens between the ages of 18-29, barring any exemptions determined by the Ministry of Defense, will be required to serve a minimum of 36 months within the Kodiak military.
1.2 - All female citizens between the ages of 18-27, barring any exemptions determined by the Ministry of Defense, will be required to serve a minimum of 24 months within the Kodiak military.
1.3 - Service may begin at the age of 17, if the citizen in question is granted written permission from both of their parents or legal guardians.
1.4 - Upon reaching the age of 18, or 17 if permission is granted following the requirements stated in Article 1.3, the Ministry of Defense shall be granted the authority to call citizens for medical screenings to determine eligibility for service.
1.5 - The citizens in question must begin their minimum service length within the ages as set by Articles 1.1 and 1.2, however it is up to the citizen when they wish to begin their service, unless called upon by the Ministry of Defense for occasions such as War or a Declaration of National Emergency.

Article 2 - Exemptions of Service

2.1 - The Minister of Defense shall be granted the authority to determine exemptions from service for reasons other than those listed in Article 2.
2.2 - Pregnant women and single parents shall be exempt from military service.
2.3 - Persons belonging to any government recognized religion that forbids violence shall be exempt from combat service, but shall still be required to serve in a Non-Combat or Support position.
2.4 - Citizens suffering physical disabilities shall be exempt from military service.
2.5 - Citizens suffering from mental disabilities shall be exempt from military service.
2.6 - Citizens identified as unfit for duty during medical screenings shall be exempt from military service.
2.7 - Citizens currently pursuing Higher Education will be exempt for the time they are enrolled in a College or University, but will be required to begin their service upon graduation or withdrawing.
2.8 - Citizens without any siblings or are the deisnated "sole survivor" of a family shall be exempt from military service.
2.9 - Citizens currently serving in any of the following job fields will be exempt from all military service: Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Religion, Law, Law Enforcement, Engineering, Manufacturing,

Article 3 - Peacetime Options of Service

3.1 - All citizens prior to any formal training shall, upon request, be allowed to take the Military Aptitude and Career Test, henceforth known as the M.A.C.T, to determine career opportunities and options for Specializations.
3.2 - All citizens upon beginning their mandatory service will first be sent through standard Basic Training along with volunteer soldiers. Upon completion of basic training, citizens will now be enlisted at the rank of E-2 (Grenadier).
3.3 - The Ministry of Defense will assign the minimum number of conscripts to fill manning gaps in the active army's maximum strength through selection via a lottery based on birth dates.
3.4 - Excess conscripts will be transferred to the Organized Reserves.

Article 4 - Wartime Conscription

4.1 - At the discretion of the Chancellor, the Ministry of Defense may enact Wartime Conscription to exceed the legal limits of the Army's end strength through mandatory service of citizens eligible for service.
4.2 - The Chancellor reserves the power to declare General Mobilization, bringing all Organized Reserve personnel to Active Duty regardless of legal stength caps.

Article 5 - Transfer Opportunities and Completion of Service

5.1 - When a Conscript has 6 months of their service remaining, they will have the option to transfer out of the military and serve the remainder of their time within the Kodiak Police or the Kodiak Border Guard.
5.2 - When a Conscript has reached their minimum service time, they will be given the option to re-enlist, and become a volunteer soldier; continue their employment within the Kodiak Border Guard if they’ve transferred, or to exit the service.
5.3 - Conscripts who elect to re-enlist and hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher will be offered the opportunity to join the Officers Candidate School.
5.4 - Conscripts who do not yet hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, but show qualities befitting an Officer, may be offered free college tuition at a public university or military academy to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in a subject of their choosing, but must participate in a commissioning program, and enter a service contract as an officer upon graduation.
5.5 - Should a conscript choose to exit the service, provided they have a clean bill of service, they shall be honorably discharged at their current rank, and be granted a Certification of Skills for any trained role they had within the Military, which will be seen as equivalent to a Trade School Certification.

Article 6 - Renewal

6.1 - This law must be renacted every three (3) years.
6.2 - This law shall remain in effect for three (3) years before consideration for repeal.

Author: Micheal Valois, MGA (NUP)
Co-Sponsor: Oskar Luchens, MGA (NUP), Minister for Defense

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