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Here at the Kodiak Modernists, we believe that the citizens deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We believe citizens should make the choices for themselves, without being misled by the over-saturation of campaign promises and continual name throwing. We believe citizens elect people because they trust them.; that they know them, and feel they represent them; not because they promise the world.

Most of you know us. You know what we stand for. You know what we think, and how we act. You know our weaknesses, and you know our strengths. As leader of the party, I'm coming here, not to steal your vote from a liberal candidate, not to distract you with shiny promises, or to treat you to any ear candy. Now you can either believe me, or you can be sceptical. In fact, I hope you are sceptical of what I say, because I know that you, as citizens, will weigh the options, and make the decision you feel best matches your interests, and the needs of the region. - Ulrykk von Guelderlaand III

Party Manifesto

Kodiak Politics

  1. The Modernists have a strong devotion to the defence of Democracy in Kodiak. We shall always endeavour to ensure the General Assembly maintains its natural and constitutional rights in the region.
  2. The Modernists support the legislative ability of the Senate, though not it’s total equality. We believe the General Assembly, with a two-thirds majority, should be able to impeach any official, overturn any decision, or pass any legislation (except in the case of constitutional amendments).
  3. The Modernists support the constitution, and seek to improve it through the use of small and specific adjustment. The Modernists will not support a revision of the Constitution, or the Parliamentary System.
  4. The Modernists support the Two Member Elected Judiciary. We support a four month serving Senior Magistrate, and a two month serving Junior Magistrate.
  5. The Modernists support the Military. We rally for the continuation of our neutrality and duel military model. We support our army and our troops. We support joint operations with friendly regions and inter-regional organisations when authorised by our Military Leaders.
  6. The Modernists support a pluralist approach in Kodiak. We shall always encourage multi-partisan cooperation and support on legislation, and for civil discourse and compromise in both houses. We specifically do not support overt partisanship and intolerance of ideas.

Economic Policies

  1. The Modernists support a Mixed Economy. We believe in the total government incorporation of all military organisations, all police organisations, welfare, roads, space exploration and research, and train systems. We believe in a regulated private industry and fully accessible public option for healthcare, insurance, transportation, postage, pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education, tertiary education, and utilities. We believe in a regulated market ensuring the equity and safety of the citizenry in all other industries and services.
  2. The Modernists believe in the rights of citizens to open, purchase, and manage their own businesses so far as they do so in a safe and low-polluting manner.
  3. The Modernists believe in a staged tax system, adjusted to inflation, ensuring those under the poverty line do not pay tax. We believe the working classes should pay less than the middle classes which should pay less than the wealthy classes. We will never support a flat tax.
  4. The Modernists support taxation of General Sales, Services, Tobacco, Alcohol, Fuel, Luxury Items, Inheritance, and Capital Gains.
  5. The Modernists support moderate corporate taxes. We support low taxes on businesses with less than 30 employees, and moderate taxes on businesses larger than 100 employees.
  6. The Modernists support taxing the importation of goods able to be manufactured in Kodiak. We support the abolition of export tariffs.
  7. The Modernists support strict minimum wage laws and workers’ rights. We support the right to join a Union and industrial action.
  8. The Modernists believe in funding and supporting renewable energy research and implementation.
  9. The Modernists believe in strict pollution controls.

Social Policies

  1. The Modernists support the provision of free medical, dental, and optical care to those under the poverty line, and reduced fees for the working classes. We do not prohibit a Private system.
  2. The Modernists support the provision of free and mandatory non-tertiary Education to all students between the ages of five and eighteen. We do not prohibit a Private System.
  3. The Modernists support state run Universities and Vocational Schools. We support government sponsored no-interest debts to citizens choosing to attend government-run institutions, payable at a rate determined by income level. We do not prohibit a private university or vocational system.
  4. The Modernists support a moderate welfare scheme. We support old age pensions (adjusted for income), disability pensions (based on ability), student allowances (based on income), and unemployment benefits.
  5. The Modernists believe in strict gun control, regulation, and registration. We believe automatic weapons and high powered rifles are unnecessary for any private citizen. We support the common right to purchase and privately own a shotgun or semi-automatic rifle for the purposes of hunting wild game, or controlling rodent populations. We support the right of a citizen to purchase a handgun, shotgun, or semi-automatic rifle for sport, but must be kept in an accredited gun club or sporting club, observing strict safety regulations.
  6. The Modernists do not support abortion as a contraceptive alternative. We do believe in the ability to seek a state-provided abortion under great circumstance, such as incest, rape, or the risk of the lives of either the mother or foetus.
  7. The Modernists support Freedom of the Press. However, we do believe in strict punishments for media companies knowingly reporting false information.
  8. The Modernists support the Freedom of Religion. We also support the freedom not to have a religion. We support the separation of church and state, but recognise the non-profit nature of religious institutions.
  9. The Modernists support Freedom of Speech. We believe a citizen has the right to have their opinions heard in an open and fair manner. We do not tolerate Racism, Discrimination, or Hate speech
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