The Immigration Act (Inter)

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An act to regulate and control the national borders.
Enacted during the Great Interregnum

Amended by The Nation of Promise Resolution, 652

Article 1 - Kodiak Border Patrol

1.1 - Establishes the Kodiak Border Patrol, headquartered in the Capital city of Rykkburgh.
1.2 - All travellers into and out of the Kodiak Republic must present an officiated and legitimate domestic or foreign passport for endorsement to cross the border.
1.3 - All travellers into the Kodiak Republic must apply for and be granted a visa prior to presenting to the Kodiak Border Patrol.
1.4 - Authorizes the Kodiak Border Patrol to conduct Biometric Enrollment as below in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 as well as Digital Passport Scans of all new arrivals into the Kodiak Republic.
1.4.1 - Authorises facial recognition scanning and storage.
1.4.2 - Authorises digital finger-print scanning and storage.
1.5 - Authorizes the arming of Kodiaker Border Patrol Officials with lethal and non-lethal protection equipment.
1.6 - The Kodiak Border Patrol shall be quarterly funded with ₣82,000,000.

Article 2 - Immigration Control

2.1 - Establishes the Directorate of Immigration headquartered in Rykkburgh with offices in every provincial capital.
2.2 - Hereby establishes the following major Visa Classes:
2.2.1 - Visitors Visas, temporary for non-commercial visitors and holiday-makers;
2.2.2 - Training Visas, temporary or permanent for industrial and commercial training, as well as study in a Kodiaker secondary or tertiary education institution;
2.2.3 - Family Visas, permanent for civil partners, immediate family members, or orphaned non-immediate relatives of Kodiaker Citizens;
2.2.4 - Skilled Visas, temporary or permanent for in-demand skilled work gaps, exceptional global talent, or temporary skilled commercial activity;
2.2.5 - Diplomatic Visas, temporary for foreign officials serving in a diplomatic capacity;
2.2.6 - Miscellaneous Visas; temporary for bridging visas, long-term medical treatment, airline and maritime employees.
2.3 - Determines the obligatory minimums for a Permanent Visa as;
2.3.1 - Pass a background criminal, character, and integrity check;
2.3.2 - Attachment documentation to a Kodiaker Citizen such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, authorised immediate family form DImmi3846, or skilled work contract with minimum employment of three years;
2.3.3 - Medical background check precluding a list of unapproved adverse medical conditions or evidence of substantial health insurance prepaid to a minimum of five years;
2.3.4 - Be under the age of 45, except in the case of a Family visa.
2.4 - Determines the obligatory minimum for a Temporary Visa as;
2.4.1 - Evidence of impending exit OR evidence of 20,000 florins in savings to cover fees and costs to leave;
2.4.2 - Evidence of activity to be undertaken, except in the case of a Visitor Visa;
2.5 - Establishes a path to Kodiaker Citizenship for permanent residents who:
2.5.1 - has resided legally in Kodiak for five years AND been a permanent resident for at least three years;
2.5.2 - speak a national language of Kodiak with a certified proficiency of at least (B2) according to the URA Framework of Reference for Languages, OR;
2.5.3 - holds a certificate of completion for any Associates or higher tertiary classification from a Kodiaker institution;
2.5.4 - may pass a background criminal, character, and integrity check;
2.5.5 - passes the Kodiak History and Citizenship Exam;
2.5.6 - and swears allegiance to Kodiak and her Laws in a public ceremony on Kodiak Day.

Article 3 - Refugees

3.1 - The Kodiak Refugee Resettlement Program shall be established in the capital city of Rykkburgh with branch offices in Taiping, Duckburg, San Chico, Crystal City, and Graz.
3.2 - Establishes a Permanent Class Refugee Visa under the supervision of the Directorate of Immigration.
3.2 - Refugees will undergo a preliminary background investigation from within immigration detention not to exceed three months in length.
3.3 - If the Refugee Resettlement Authority believes more time is necessary to complete a background check, refugees must be released on auto-renewing three-month bridging visa.
3.3.1 - Bridging visas may not exceed a maximum length of 12 months from arrival.
3.3.2 - A determination for or against refugee resettlement must be made prior to this time.
3.3.3 - A refugee may be obligated to remain in detention if the Resettlement Program finds evidence of crimes which constitute a Violent Felony within Kodiak, which does not constitute an automatic denial, with approval of the provincial court. An Individual Integration Plan will be required for release from detention.
3.4 - Refugees will only be accepted by the Kodiak Republic if they can demonstrate:
3.4.1 - They are fleeing from a direct and ongoing conflict area, as defined by the Directorate, OR;
3.4.2 - They are fleeing a major disaster area (natural or man-made), as defined by the Directorate, OR;
3.4.3 - They are fleeing religious or political persecution which would otherwise be legal with the Republic AND constitutes a serious risk to life or limb.
3.4.4 - They are not indirectly or directly related to the belligerent leadership personnel of an ongoing conflict.
3.5 - The Refugee Resettlement Program shall be quarterly funded with ₣90,000,000.
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