The Healthcare Subsidisation Act -635

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An act to provide government funds to subsidise the cost of private health insurance premiums.

Article 1 - Provision of Healthcare Vouchers

1.1 - Establishes within the Ministry of Health and Education the Department of Public Health Access (DoPHA).
1.2 - Provisions vouchers of a maximum ₣6,500 per capita annually to each legal resident of the Kodiak Republic for the purpose of purchasing a private health insurance plan of their choice.
1.3 - Allocates for this purpose ₣9.5 billion per quarter.
1.4 - Voucher allocation will be delivered in a tiered system automatically attached to a a resident's tax return statement, beginning with households earning less than ₣85,000 per annum, followed by families earning less than ₣175,000 per annum, and then distributing all remaining voucher funds to remaining residents in a pro rated fashion.
1.5 - Directs the DoPHA to list, regulate, and approve insurance plans developed by private entities for the distribution of healthcare vouchers.

Proposed by Makhnalunya, MGA.

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