The Foreign Investment Expansion Act

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Foreign Investment Expansion Act

Article 1:

1.1 - The Ministry of Revenue & Treasury shall issue tax credits to foreign investors willing to invest money into Kodiak. A foreign investor is any foreign individual or private entity who has invested at least 1,000,000 florins worth of assets or cash into the Kodiak economy.
1.2 - A total of 600 million florins shall be allocated quarterly by the Ministry of Revenue & Treasury to fund foreign investor tax credits. The allocation of tax credits shall be overseen and independently determined by the FIC created in Foreign Investment Regulation Act.

Introduced as part of the Economic Recovery Package, 651

PASSED by a vote of 8 Aye, 7 Nay and 2 abstaining.

Written and Proposed by Erich Crysler, MGA, Independent.

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