The Firearm Regulation Act (Inter)

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The Firearm Regulation Act (Inter)

An act to regulate the use and access of firearms.

Enacted during the Great Interregnum

Amended 27 January, 2023 by the Amendment: The Firearm Regulation Act (Inter)

Article I: Registration of Weapons and Funding

1.1 - Firearms shall be broadly categorised as follows:
1.1.1 - Class A: Military Grade Weaponry - determined as a weapon manufactured primarily for the elimination of enemy personnel. May include rockets, grenades, or mines.
1.1.2 - Class B: Machineguns - determined primarily by a rate of fire above 700 rounds per minute. May also be classified as weapons lacking a non-automatic-fire mode or by weapons designed exclusively to be belt-fed.
1.1.3 - Class C: Automatic Weapons - determined primarily as a weapon with an automatic mechanism firing under 700 rounds per minute.
1.1.4 - Class D: Handguns - determined primarily as a weapon fired in the hand or hands without the need of support.
1.1.5 - Class E: All Other Ballistic Weaponry
1.2. - All citizens shall enjoy the privilege of owning and operating any and all Class D and Class E weaponry subject to registration as per 1.2.1.
1.2.1 - All Class D and Class E weaponry requires registration of the make, model, serial number and owner.
1.2.2 - All registered weapons shall be recorded and the information stored on the National Firearms Database (NFD).
1.2.3 - The National Firearms Database shall be funded at an additional 250,000F per quarter for maintenance, staffing and updates from the police budget.
1.2.4 - The initial setup of the NFD will be allocated 2,000,000F per quarter for 3 years. At the end of this period it will return to maintenance levels as stated in 1.2.3.

Article 2: Ownership license

2.1 – All firearms owners are required by law to obtain a “Firearms Owners License” that states the owners name, picture, licence number and the activities permitted by the license (collector, agricultural, competition, etc.). A License is valid for 3 years.
2.2 – A Firearm owner is not permitted to possess any firearm without a valid license. Any owner found in possession of a firearm is required to be able to produce a Firearm license for verification upon request by authorities.
2.3 - Possession of a firearm without a valid license is a criminal offense.
2.4 – The cost of obtaining a firearms licence is to set at ₣50 per owner.
2.5 – During the initial 6 month implementation period, there is to be no charge to obtaining a firearms license.

Written and Proposed by John Edwards, KWP, Chancellor

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