The Ethanol Act, 651

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The Ethanol Act of 651

ACTION on ## MONTH #### with ## Aye, ## Nay, and ## Abstain.

Article One: Amendment to the Commodity and Services Tax Act

1.1 - Raises the Petroleum Tax to 20% of the gross sale price.

Article Two: Ethanol-Based Fuel Tax Break

2.1 - Reduces the Petroleum Tax by 25% for each 15% Ethanol in the Petrol to a maximum of 100% reduction.

Article Three: Alcohol Sales Levy Reduction

3.1 - Reduces the Alcohol Sales Levy for ethanol manufacturers selling to fuel manufacturers to 15% of the gross sale price.
3.2 - Section 3.1 only applies if the ethanol is intended for mixing into petroleum.
3.3 - Reduces the Alcohol Sales Levy for fuel manufacturers selling at least 15% ethanol petroleum to fuel distributors to 10%.
3.4 - Removes the Alcohol Sales Levy for consumers buying at least 15% ethanol petroleum.

Written by Mivod Hlaja, MGA, KWP.

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