The Electronic Document Management Act, 654

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In order to simplify bureaucratic procedures and related costs, as well as to create a foundation for further democratic transformations, the Law on Electronic Document Management is presented.
Passed on 7 June 2023, 11 Aye, 04 Nay, 03 Abstain.

Article 1 - Creation of E-Passports

1.1 - All adult citizens of Kodiak are required to have an e-passport (hereinafter referred to as an electronic passport), purchased at their own expense. In case of loss of the e-passport, the citizen acquires a new e-passport at his own expense. The E-passport is issued by the local branch of the Ministry of Social Services.
1.2 - The E-passport is an identity card of a citizen within the borders of Kodiak along with the usual identity card of a citizen of Kodiak.
1.3 An E-passport shall contain the following parts:
1.3.1 - The base in the form of a card.
1.3.2 - Anti-hacking systems.
1.3.3 - Microchip.
1.4 - The card of the E-passport shall display the following information:
1.4.1 - Surname and first name of the owner.
1.4.2 - Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY).
1.4.3 - Owner's photo and physical description including hair color, eye color, height, sex, and gender.
1.4.4 - Owner's signature.
1.4.5 - Place of residence.
1.4.6 - Passport number.
1.4.7 - Date of Issuance.
1.4.8 - Date of Expiry.
1.5 - The microchip shall contain the identification code of the owner and his electronic signature, for the use of which it is necessary to enter an 8-digit PIN code specified by the citizen into the terminal. In addition, a microchip, at the request of a citizen, can store legal documents issued for it.

Article 2 - Creation of the Civil System

2.1 - The Civil System shall be established under the Ministry of Social Services.
2.2 - All citizens should be able to create an account in the Civil System's application.
2.3 - The Civil System should be able to provide citizens with all bureaucratic services.

Article 3 - Transition to Electronic Documents

3.1 - The entire state document flow is transferred to electronic form, including the functioning of government structures.
3.2 - All documents of state structures (with the exception of documents of the Ministry of Defense and Immigration, documents containing confidential information and classified documents) are published on the official websites of these structures within two weeks after the document is approved.

Article 4 - Cybersecurity Department

4.1 - The Cybersecurity Department shall be established under the Ministry of Law and Order. The Cybersecurity Department shall be responsible for:
4.1.1 - Development of a program for training citizens in the basics of electronic document management.
4.1.2 - Ensuring the operation, protection and storage of the state document flow.
4.1.3 - Fighting the cyber threats of Kodiak.

Article 5 - Funding

5.1 - 400 thousand Florins are allocated for the electronic document management training program for citizens and officials once a quarter.
5.2 - The Ministry of Social Services is allocated 3.5 million florins per quarter for the maintenance of the Civil Service system.
5.3 - 20 million florins are allocated for the functioning of the Cybersecurity Department once a quarter.

Tabled by von Zeppelin, MGA, CKA, as an independent member's bill.

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