The Confirmation of the First Superior Officers of the Seventh Republic of Kodiak

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To my great colleagues of the Kodiak General Assembly, it is my honour as the interim president to confirm the results of the first selections of the superior officers of our seventh republic.

For the election of the new President of the General Assembly, I present to you, Silmeria.
11 Votes Aye, 1 Vote No, 2 Abstentions, 2 Absent

For the election of the new Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic, I present to you, me, Rykkland.
12 Votes Aye, 1 Vote No, 1 Abstention, 2 Absent

For the election of the new Chief Justice of the Kodiak High Court, I present to you, Etheltreow.
13 Votes Aye, 0 Vote No, 1 Abstention, 2 Absent

As the newly seated Executive Chancellor, I put forward for your confirmation my requested Cabinet Officials.

Executive Chancellor - Rykkland
Minister of Commerce and Labour - Rykkland
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order - Alantic States
Minister of Defence - Defence - Alantic States
Minister of Health and Education - Michael Valois
Minister of Social Services - Patal
Minister of Revenue and the Treasury - AussieKnight
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure - Taiping

It is my sincere hope that the next three years (12 weeks) will mean great improvement for the citizens of our nation, as well as an expansion of the body of this assembly. I thank you for your vote of confidence and will begin drafting with my cabinet colleagues the first policy documents this very day.

In my final act as President, I declare the election closed, and this government confirmed for the statute length of the executive term, ending midnight, 31 December 632AB (Sunday 19 September 2021).

Ulrykk von Guelderlaand, Interim President of the General Assembly

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