The Centrist Kodiak Alliance

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The Centrist Kodiak Alliance

Manifesto of Centrist. Pragmatism, openness, humanism

Good day, dear friends! We are members of the Centrist Kodiak Alliance (CKA), and we strive for the best future for everyone.

We understand that each of us has our own opinions and beliefs, but we also know that we must respect each other and seek compromises. That's why we created this manifesto. We centrists believe in pragmatism. Any agreement, any contract, any law should be concluded on the basis of their real long-term benefits, and not be covered up by one or another ideology. Decisions should be made reasonably, with an eye to the evidence and guarantees of the promised results.

No one will argue that everyone has the right to freedom of choice and to their own opinion. But we also understand that our beliefs may differ from other people. That is why we strive for an inclusive society where everyone can be heard and where everyone can find their place. That is why we are opening the doors of the party and are ready to welcome everyone, all those who, respecting each other's opinions, are ready to separate truth from lies in discussions, populist slogans from real intentions.

Our manifesto is also intended to emphasize the importance of humanism. We believe that everyone deserves respect and care. We want people to live in peace and harmony, where there is no place for violence and discrimination. A person has the right not only to life and property, but also to personal freedom, social justice and an effective state.

Finally, we believe: it is possible to create a platform for an impartial exchange of opinions. We realize that everyone already has serious theoretical baggage behind them, but we also know that very often we have to look for compromises and find a common language. That is why we are creating this platform for communication and exchange of opinions between all people.

So, friends, let's create a better future for everyone together! Let's respect each other, seek compromises and create a better world! Let's live in peace and harmony, where everyone can find their place and be heard.

Thank you for your attention and understanding. I hope that our manifesto will be the starting point for creating a better future for all of us!

Alliance of Independents

An independent member of the Assembly is one whose will is based not on the desire of a particular person, but on his own arguments and facts. It is the participants who are independent of anyone who make the most balanced and rational decisions. The goal of CKA is to unite all honest and impartial legislators. For this purpose and to preserve the real independence of the participants in the party, coercion is not used. The only requirement for joining the party is the willingness to conduct a discussion, objectivity and general politeness. But there is an opportunity to discuss - and give lectures (if you can).

Party Secretary

To protect the independence of the participants, a Party Secretary is elected once a month. Its tasks include fulfilling the ideals of the party, ensuring the order of discussion and representing the common interests of members in the Assembly with their consent.

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