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This template produces a hatnote:

  • {{Redirect|Foo}}

It is placed at the top of the article or section that is the primary topic of a redirect, and links to other topics that are ambiguous with the name of that redirect. This template is used instead of the generic {{for}} in order to reduce reader confusion.

An example would be when a user searches for the emperor Achilleus. However, the search term "Achilleus" redirects to the page titled Achilles (as in the mythical hero) because it is considered more likely the user were searching for the very well known hero than a relatively obscure emperor. Now, at the top of this Achilles page you will (among other things) find the following hatnote:

"Achilleus" redirects here. For the Roman emperor with this name, see Achilleus (Roman usurper).

That text is this template in action.


Template:Expand-section A |text= option adds text to the end; note that this should only be used when truly necessary, when the other hatnote templates listed below don't suffice.


  • {{Redirect|Foo}}
  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT||PAGE1}}
  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1}}
  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1|and|PAGE2}}
  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2|and|PAGE3}}
  • {{Redirect|Achilleus|the Emperor with this name|Achilleus (emperor)|other uses|Achilles (disambiguation)}} (as used on the page Achilles) →

More complex uses

For more complex cases, other templates can be used:


This is the TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, VisualEditor and other tools. Click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Redirect

This template produces a hatnote similar to: "Foo" redirects here. For other uses, see [[Foo (disambiguation)]].

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Redirecting page1

Name of page that redirects here

Page namerequired
Use 12

Displayed as: For Use 1, see ... If left empty, defaults to For other uses, see ...

Target 13

Page to link to. Default is [[PAGENAME (disambiguation)]].

Page nameoptional
Use 24

Second use. Can be 'and' to give: For Use 1, see [[Target1]] and [[Target2]].

Target 25

Page to link second use to.

Page nameoptional
Use 36

Third use. Can be 'and'.

Target 37

Page to link third use to.

Page nameoptional
Custom texttext

Text to be appended to the end.


See also

Template:Hatnote templates

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