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{{lang-de}} is a template usually used to indicate to readers that the previous term or phrase is translated from a foreign language; one parameter is necessary: the German language term or phrase. It should generally be placed after the English translation of the German term or phrase. That German term is shown in italics unless it's wrapped inside {{Noitalic}} or the |italic= parameter specifies otherwise.

The parameter |links=no will prevent the language name from being linked.

The parameter |lit=literal translation renders a literal translation of the term within single quotes.




Wikicode Resulting text
Italics, language link
''The Seafarers of Catan'' ({{lang-de|Die Seefahrer von Catan}}) is an expansion of the board game ''[[The Settlers of Catan]]''. The Seafarers of Catan (German: Die Seefahrer von Catan) is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan.
Italics, no language link
Albert the Bear ({{lang-de|Albrecht der Bär|links=no}}) Albert the Bear (German: Albrecht der Bär)
No italics, no language link
Weimar is located in the federal state of Thuringia ({{lang-de|Thüringen|italic=no|links=no}}). Weimar is located in the federal state of Thuringia (German: Thüringen).
Italics, no language link, with a literal translation
Slug, ({{lang-de|Nacktschnecke|links=no|lit=Naked Snail}}). Slug, (German: Nacktschnecke, lit.'Naked Snail').


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TemplateData for Lang-de

Indicates to readers the original form of a term or phrase in a foreign language.

Template parameters[Edit template data]


The foreign text to display.

Display linklinks

Set to 'no' to disable the link to the article's language.

Literal translationlit

The literal translation of the foreign text.


The transliteration of the foreign text, for languages that do not use the Latin alphabet. This field is ignored for languages that do use the Latin alphabet.

Language labellabel

If 'none', suppresses language link and label. Other options may be available depending on the language.


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