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This produces an area in dunams plus conversions, e.g. "20 dunams (2 ha or 5 acres)".

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This is a subtemplate of {{Infobox settlement}}. It is not intended to be used directly.

It displays an area in dunams and its equivalent in both metric and imperial/US customary units.

It is called by {{Infobox settlement/areadisp}}, which handles the conversions and calls this template with values assigned to the following parameters:

  • {{{dunv}}} (required) — the dunam value
  • {{{metv}}} (required) — the metric value
  • {{{impv}}} (required) — the imperial/US value
  • {{{dunu}}} (optional: defaults to "dunam" or "dunams") — the symbol/abbreviation of the dunam unit
  • {{{metu}}} (optional: defaults to "ha") — the symbol/abbreviation of the metric unit
  • {{{impu}}} (optional: defaults to "acre" or "acres") — the symbol/abbreviation of the imperial/US unit

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