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This template hides a string of text. If the contents of a cell of a sortable table are prefixed with a hidden string, the cell will sort using the hidden string.

The syntax for this template is:


where var1 is a string of text.

The use of this template is illustrated by the following sortable table:

House of Windsor
Wikitext Hidden prefix Sort without key Sort with key
{{hid|A}}[[Edward VII]] <span data-sort-value="A"></span> Edward VII Edward VII
{{hid|B}}[[George V]] <span data-sort-value="B"></span> George V George V
{{hid|C}}[[Edward VIII]] <span data-sort-value="C"></span> Edward VIII Edward VIII
{{hid|D}}[[George VI]] <span data-sort-value="D"></span> George VI George VI
{{hid|E}}[[Elizabeth II]] <span data-sort-value="E"></span> Elizabeth II Elizabeth II

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