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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
== Description ==

To use this template, add the {{Event}} template and fill in the appropriate fields. Fields left blank will not appear in articles. This infobox template uses Fandom's infobox syntax.


 | title         = 
 | image         = [e.g. "Example.jpg"]
 | imagecaption  = 
 | performers  = 
 | date          = 
 | location      = 

Sample output

<infobox type="Event"> <title source="title"/>

<image source="image"></image> <label>Performers</label> <label>Date</label> <label>Location</label> </infobox>
 | title         = Flower du Jour
 | image         = Example.jpg
 | performers    = Awesome Ones
 | date          = All the time
 | location      = Everywhere

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