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While primarily intended for use by other Lua modules, it can provide an alternative to multiple <nowiki>...</nowiki> tags when part of the desired output should be executed.

For example, {{demo}} normally requires the demonstrated template to be wrapped in <nowiki>...</nowiki>. However, you may want part of the value to be shown in the 'pre' tag to be processed before it reaches {{demo}}, such as in the example below where the result of {{#invoke:Escape/testcases|test_string2}} is shown inside the <pre>...</pre> tags.

Code Result
|<!--not escaped: -->{{escape | mode = kill 
  | char=; 
  | {*{#invoke:Escape ; main ; mode {{=}} kill ;
<!--unescaped:-->{{#invoke:Escape/testcases|test_string2}}<br>; { }*} 
  | * 
  | {{!}} }}


Note how the * character, used to break up the [[:Template:((]] to prevent execution, is removed and how the ; character is replaced by |.


After removal of the escape chars, the returned text is inert; i.e. not executed even without <pre>...</pre>. (The above example is executed only because {{demo}} forces execution.)

For example, setting |mode=kill with \{\{done\}\} as the first parameter and nothing else will simply cause the default escape character \ to be removed:



Module talk:Escape/testcases

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