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Patrick Barber — 09/09/2022
@Assembly Member
Tabled for consideration to the assembly:
Stability and Freedom Enhancement (SAFE) Act, 644
An act to punish and combat acts of terrorism within the borders of the Republic.,_644
Proposed by Chancellor Oskar Luchens, NUP
Co-sponsored by Deputy Minister for Homeland Security Simon Kalimeno, MGA, NUP
Voting is currently set for 30 September 2022
Klaus Mikaelson — 10/09/2022
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you've set the budget for the three listed organizations total as around 2.3 billion per year. Where did this figure come from?
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 10/09/2022
Each of the listed organizations within this Act will be drawing their funds from the existing budgets of the organizations they are subordinate to. Instead of raising spending, just reallocating their pots of money. As of the last published budget those organizations were as follows:

National Police: 5.7 Billion
Intelligence: 2.4 Billion

National Budget: 87 Billion
Patrick Barber — 12/09/2022
I would just like to ask the @Chancellor is the RTSC and the 'special court of appeals' transparent courts?
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 12/09/2022
Indeed the courts are transparent in cases that can be made without a need for use of classified materials. However during prosecution using such information, the courts will be restricted to those deemed authorize to hear it. Likewise, the SCA conducts business in the same fashion
Patrick Barber — 12/09/2022
i don't see anything especially problematic at first reading. I look forward to the contributions of my colleague @Assembly Members
John Edwards [KWP] — 12/09/2022
I can see this being beneficial in the current climate. It doesn't draw any extra from the treasury, Revenue and Treasury can support this. One question though, "direct action force to subdue threats to the republic in the event local police are unable"
Does this mean they would act only upon police request? Or will they also be acting independently when a jurisdictional issue arises? In that event, where does jurisdiction settle?
eg. Police identify a potential terrorist threat, but do not call in CTS. Do CTS take control?
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 13/09/2022
CTS should have priority jurisdiction in all cases involving terrorism. But it won’t preclude the police from actioning a potential threat in the moment to prevent an attack.
Patrick Barber — 23/09/2022
@Assembly Member
I would like to ask for any input on this particular piece of legislation.
perrysmarts — 23/09/2022
I think that this piece of legislation is perfect in it's current form.
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 03/10/2022
Mr President I’d like to motion the vote since we have passed the set date for debate.
Aaron Tonnesen - New Asden — 03/10/2022
I second.

— 03/10/2022

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Tobias Virstürm (PPK) — 03/10/2022
@Assembly President
Tobias Virstürm (PPK) — 04/10/2022
Members of the assembly. This resolution is up for a vote. The voting period will be for 72 hours. Further discussion will only be permitted in the 🔆|lobby channel. Thank you.
Tobias Virstürm (PPK) — Yesterday at 00:49
@Assembly President

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