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The Sex Work Act of 655 Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/01/2023 6:39 PM

Tabled by Braughn F. G. Kryos as MGA, Minister, KWP as a Government Sponsored bill

An act to regulate and make safe all forms of sex work.

Voting is currently set for the 14th of September The Kodiak Republic Wiki Sex Work Act of 655 An act to regulate and make safe all forms of sex work. ACTION the General Assembly, MONTH DAY, YEAR. ## AYE, ## NAY, ## ABSTAIN.

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/01/2023 6:39 PM

@Assembly Member debate is now open for the The Sex Work Act of 655

W Magnus Ward (NUP) — 09/01/2023 6:51 PM While I think that sex work is rarely savoury and hardly fair to women or families - I would prefer it be strictly regulated and protected than it be done with illegal dealings and back alley payments. I cautiously support the bill on that basis. Broad banning has never worked in the history of mankind (World's oldest profession and all that) and so a safer and more culturally healthy approach must be metted. On this I support the Member's bill.

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/01/2023 7:03 PM

Yes I must agree with the Chancellor this profession has and always will exist the problem with it being illegal is just that it is illegal that means that there is no regulation and no protection that the government can provide for sex workers so with that said I support the bill it is better to have it regulated and have laws as this bill provides to protect sex workers then to still have sex work anyway just have it unregulated and with out protections for sex workers

Spiritualandia — 09/01/2023 7:09 PM but sex is epic (dont cancel me on twitter guys 😭😭😭)

W Magnus Ward (NUP) — 09/01/2023 7:10 PM please try to keep some level of decorum in the mock government. This isn't a meme channel

Spiritualandia — 09/01/2023 7:10 PM oh sorry

Braughn F. G. Kryos — 09/01/2023 7:21 PM I have sincere hope that this bill will assist in the development of a safe working environment for all workers, regardless of the perceived social morality of their labor. Sex workers are victims of extensive exploitation, abuse, and discrimination, far beyond what should be acceptable. This bill will, hopeful, help to regulate an existing industry and protect workers with the same rights we provide every other sector.

Vladimir Khlebnikov — 09/01/2023 11:59 PM I support the bill

Daniel Anderson (UKN) — 09/02/2023 12:20 AM The bill has my support.

Vladimir Khlebnikov — 09/02/2023 12:24 AM No objections? Nice

W Magnus Ward (NUP) — 09/02/2023 12:25 AM It will be a couple days before all members have an opportunity to read and comment

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/02/2023 12:45 AM

Yeah I will say to members im going to try not to accept motions to vote unless 5 to 6 days have passed depending on the bill

0ttobeuren [Brundstadt] — 09/02/2023 1:16 AM Abstain.

The Republic of Arcasis (DPPK) — 09/02/2023 2:29 AM It has my support

SRG16( Northern Cagas) — 09/02/2023 3:14 AM It has my support too

Anthony Dvorak — 09/02/2023 3:57 AM I find it most surprising that conservatives such as @W Magnus Ward (NUP) support this bill. I find their reasoning understandable, however outright legalization will normalize this practice in our society. To put it in perspective, this is as if we legalized heroin on the basis of being able to regulate its production. Some things are simply meant to be fought against.

While I believe sex work should be decriminalized, I believe this decision of outright legalizing it will cause long term social deterioration, especially now that job scarcity is on the horizon for our nation, and therefore I cannot support this bill.

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/02/2023 4:14 AM

I find the members reasoning flawed, first the comparison between this and heroin is flawed one is a addictive and highly deadly drug. and the other is sex, and while true not every thing should be legalized and brought into society the thing is, we can stop heroin we can halt its production, we can try and disrupt its sale, and we can most definitely arrest it’s distributors, that does not go the same way for prostitution I feel it can be argued under certain circumstances, as a human condition. it is frankly something that will happen, and continue to happen till the end of humanity. we can not stop it we will never stop it, the facts are it has for some part the potential to be harmless, if done in the correct environment. I doubt many people here like prostitution, but the fact is the longer we criminalize it and have hard legal penalties for it, it becomes more dangerous. this is what I will say to all members we have a Choice, we can regulate the profession, we can do as this law does mandates protection be used in the act, have every one be registered, have STD checks every so often, and have it normal to get help if you are abused in the industry, or we can throw all that out the window and have the same profession but much more unsafe. much more unhealthy, and have it be frankly much more dangerous, than it would be other wise that is the choice we have.

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/02/2023 4:35 AM

They are not necessarily good choices but they are the ones we must make

Anthony Dvorak — 09/02/2023 8:33 AM Quite frankly, I would like to double down on my comparison with heroin. Opioids have also existed as long as the human race itself, I could also make a claim that drugs are a part of the human condition, no matter how hard we crack down on it, drugs will always seep through the smallest crack, just like prostitution. Just like drugs, sex most definitely is an addictive thing, especially if its so easily accessible that all one has to do to acquire it is fork out a piece of their pay check.

Prostitution, just like drugs, is an escape for its patrons, and there will be moments in every human beings life when they are tempted with finding an escape. While drugs are rightfully shunned in every corner of society, because of its very clear effects on someone's personal life, prostitutions effects are much less visible, which will incline many, especially young people to seek pleasure in such a despicable manner. Loneliness in the modern world is a serious issue, the collapse of natality is the result of our evermore isolationist lives. By essentially promoting prostitution by legalizing it, and don't be mistaken that is exactly what we would be doing, we give this societal crisis protein-rich food so it can fester even more.

There are safer alternatives to this radical course of action, we can make sex work safer by increasing sentences for pimping, and by decriminalizing sex work if the workers carry with themselves medical documentation proving theyre not a danger to others. We can start addressing the issue of loneliness, and start a campaign emphasizing the dangers of engaging with sexual workers. Let me end my argument by emphasizing one more important thing, which is that by regulating sex work we will not eliminate the worst aspects of it; there will still be pimping, there will still be coercing into sex work, all we would be doing is giving these unsavoury figures a platform within which they can find loopholes and exploit.

W Magnus Ward (NUP) — 09/02/2023 8:50 AM I think continuing to stretch an analogy is only going to cause the conversation to drift away from the specific subject at hand. What we do with controlled substances (which are legal, mind you, when regulated and prescribed) is not going to be very informative to what we should do about sex work.

What we are doing, in regulating sexual professions, is protecting the health and wellbeing of the workers therein. Presently, with a fully illegal framework, only the very malleable, the enslaved, or the desperate must suffer the consequences of its lack of oversight. Our pseudo-cultural and pseudo-moral qualms about the practice is less important than the actual harm presently made. By regulating sex work we absolutely reduce the worst aspects of it. By making a profitable and lucrative enterprise legal, we invite inspections, taxes, health check ups, worker safety and protections, and management responsibility. It is probable illegal brothels may still exist, but clientele will be more likely to seek a certified and safe location over others. Not only that, but we are provided an opportunity to provide health information on site to customers.

It is naïve to think that only the seedy criminals use sex work. Its also ignorant to define sex work as exclusively pimped prostitutes. It includes digital provisions, published provisions, modelling, various levels of softcore and yet more raunchy subjects.

When I ran for office I made it clear that I am not the social conservatives of my party's past. I accept that point and am not offended by it. I don't believe our nation's actions should be determined by the squeamish or one particular group such as exclusively the religious. We have a whole nation to protect, and that includes those with a post-modern worldview. Do I participate in that worldview? No, I do not. But I do not lead a nation of only my self and my like-minded individuals. I run a cabinet of a coalition of all parties, and I will support my colleague in this endeavour as he has supported me in mine.

The fact is that in every nation with clear health-science informed education, vice decreases. Smoking goes down in the young, premarital pregnancy goes down, teenage pregnancy goes down, drug use goes down. We have an opportunity to protect a class of people currently thrown to the streets, and to say we shouldn't take it simply because it won't be able to eliminate illegal activity 100% is at best ignorant and at worst misleading to the point of deception.

Braughn F. G. Kryos — 09/02/2023 10:28 AM Let me end my argument by emphasizing one more important thing, which is that by regulating sex work we will not eliminate the worst aspects of it; there will still be pimping, there will still be coercing into sex work, all we would be doing is giving these unsavoury figures a platform within which they can find loopholes and exploit. This is a terrible argument when it comes to the legalization vs. criminalization of certain aspects of society. By this logic, why make anything illegal? Criminals and unsavory figures will still find a way around the law! As Mr. Ward stated, providing safe, healthy, and, importantly, legal places for prostitutes to work and clientele to purchase services will reduce the number of illegal equivalents. With drugs, the legalization and regulation of their sale and consumption de-emphasizes the need for criminal gangs to smuggle and sell drugs, making it less profitable and far more dangerous for them to operate. The same is true for prostitution; the regulation of workplaces, the criminalization of forced sex work and intimidation techniques, the requirement of licenses and health checkups, and the prosecution of civil and criminal violators will provide a deterrent to those seeking to pimp, coerce, and otherwise attempt to subvert the law.

W Magnus Ward (NUP)


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— 09/04/2023 11:23 PM

W Magnus Ward (NUP) — 09/07/2023 7:48 AM Mr. @Assembly President With nearly 5 days having passed since the last comment. I'm not sure I feel comfortable motioning for a vote, but perhaps a reminder to members that this proposal is still active. Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/07/2023 7:48 AM

If someone would second the member I will accept the motion

W Magnus Ward (NUP) — 09/07/2023 7:49 AM sorry, what motion?

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/07/2023 7:50 AM

Never mind I miss read your comment

Braughn F. G. Kryos — 09/07/2023 6:54 PM If there are no further comments to be made by members and the primary opponent of this bill has yet to respond in any way to the rebuttals, I would not find an early vote on this bill uncalled for.

SRG16( Northern Cagas) — 09/08/2023 3:14 PM I call for an early vote

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/08/2023 3:16 PM

I some would second the members motion I will accept it

Braughn F. G. Kryos — 09/08/2023 3:16 PM I second the motion

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/08/2023 3:17 PM

Ok then if there are no objections the vote will begin in 24 hours

Charlotte Groves (Juliette)[KWP] — 09/08/2023 10:29 PM No objections, just wanted to make a statement that this is an important piece of legislation to protect an often under and misrepresented worker - a Kodiaker just like any other. Safety is important, just like any other work. This is a strong step towards making it harder for illegal and criminal acts against sex workers, and providing protections in day to day work. I will be voting for this act and I urge my fellow members to do the same. EasyPoll BOT

— 09/09/2023 9:07 PM

Question Do you approve of the Sex Work Act of 655

Choices 🇦 Aye 🇧 Nay 🇨 Abstain

Final Result 🇦 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ [14 • 67%] 🇧 ▓▓▓░░░░░░░ [7 • 33%] 🇨 ░░░░░░░░░░ [0 • 0%] 21 users voted


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Allowed roles: @Assembly Member Poll ID: 7ace2772 Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— 09/09/2023 9:08 PM

@Assembly Member voting is now open for The Sex Work Act of 655 Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— Yesterday at 11:58 AM

@Assembly Member there are only 24 hours left to vote on this proposal, make sure to vote! Jonn Stevens (DPPK) OP

— Today at 11:09 PM

@Assembly Member this vote has ended with a margin of 14 Aye 7 Nay and 0 Abstaining this Act is declared Passed

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