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Minimum Insertion Income Act, 649 Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/27/2023 10:51 AM

Tabled by Reifyrm Visdvk, MGA, Independent, as an independent member's bill. Minimum Insertion Income Act, 649 A resolution to ensure that all members of society are provided for.,_649 Written and Proposed by Gustave Bernier, MGA, NEGK. Sponsored by Reifyrm Visdvk, MGA, Independent. Voting is presently set for 10 Feb 2023 The Kodiak Republic Wiki Minimum Insertion Income Act, 649 --DESCRIPTOR-- ACTIONED on ## MONTH YEAR, with ## Aye, ## Nay, and ## Abstain. Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/27/2023 10:52 AM

@Assembly Member Discussion is now opened. @Reifyrm Visdvk [I] Can you clarify the ending of section 2.2? Reifyrm Visdvk [I] — 01/27/2023 11:44 AM I unfortunately cannot at current, as I do not understand it myself despite many tries too, therefore, I believe it should everything following the word 'unless' be removed and or discarded. Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/27/2023 2:13 PM

2.2 doesn't really make sense to me, so I've put a strikethrough there for now so people can read it themselves and see what they think and if it should be included Reifyrm Visdvk [I] — 01/27/2023 5:55 PM Thank you. Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/28/2023 7:24 PM

Any thoughts from anyone on this proposal? I understand that intended purpose, but it almost reads like it's trying too hard to sound important. Jonn Stevens (DPPK) — 01/29/2023 12:10 AM Ehh from what I could understand I think it’s pretty good definitely from what I can understand it’s probably worth wile to implement Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/29/2023 6:50 PM

Using “from I can understand” is my concern, because I’m not sure any of us really understand it Reifyrm Visdvk [I] — 01/29/2023 8:05 PM I think I have to agree with that point. Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/29/2023 8:06 PM

I'm very interested to hear what others have to say, but I don't know how we can pass legislation when we aren't entirely sure what it is saying or what it means John Edwards [KWP] — 01/29/2023 8:40 PM Article 4 is where I start to lose understanding. The establishment of Welfare is admirable and a goal to be aimed for but this bill may need severe rewrites. Tom Westbrook — 01/30/2023 6:20 AM I think there needs to be some more clarification What constitutes an integration action for example? Unless I missed it I don’t think the bill makes that clear Immanuel von Zeppelin — 01/30/2023 7:35 AM The bill is not bad by design, poor accuracy in it. I noticed an inaccuracy in paragraph 3.1. It seems to me more successful to derive a specific formula than to hope for the kindness of those who will determine the amount of benefits on the ground. Reifyrm Visdvk [I] — 01/30/2023 7:44 AM Yes, this bill may need a rewrite or seven Klaus Mikaelson OP

— 01/30/2023 11:49 AM

I appreciate what I think this bill was intended to address, and it it something that I think should be addressed and debated, but reading this proposal again, to me, it just sounds over-done, almost "look at how important this sounds". Charlotte Groves (Juliette) — 02/02/2023 9:18 AM Fair points everyone.

There is definitely something to be said for it being good to have easy to understand laws, with clear intent, and details. Perhaps we as the GA should then really seek to understand and take what we believe is good, identify the gaps and then introduce an amended version (or even a re-submission). Miriam Blanket Frothingham — 02/02/2023 10:43 AM I agree with what has been said so far. While I agree with the principle of the bill, that no Kodiaker should be left behind, there is a heavy need for a redraft before it should hit the floor again. Patrick Barber — 02/02/2023 10:44 PM It has been a number of days and all are in agreement that the act is unacceptable at present. I will put a vote similar to the Resolution on Policing and request the house remove the bill from the floor. EasyPoll BOT

— 02/02/2023 10:45 PM

Question Do you believe the Minimum Insertion Incom Act should be PULLED from the floor?

Choices 🇦 Aye 🇧 Nay 🇨 Abstain

Final Result 🇦 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ [12 • 71%] 🇧 ░░░░░░░░░░ [0 • 0%] 🇨 ▓▓▓░░░░░░░ [5 • 29%] 17 users voted


alarm_clock: Poll already ended (12 hours ago)
spy: Anonymous Poll
one: allowed choice
lock: No other votes allowed

Allowed roles: @Assembly Member Poll ID: 1c066d95 Patrick Barber — 02/02/2023 10:45 PM @Assembly Member Please vote to remove this resolution from debate. This poll shall stand for 72 hours. Please be sure to READ the question put. Debate is suspended Klaus Mikaelson OP

— Today at 10:22 AM

with 12 votes in favor, 0 against and 5 abstentions, this proposal is will be pulled from the floor, members may propose this again when and if they so choose

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