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Patrick Barber — 09/09/2022
@Assembly Member
Tabled for consideration to the assembly:
Anti-Corruption Resolution, 645
A resolution to combat rising corruption within the Civil Service.,_645
Proposed by Chancellor Oskar Luchens, NUP
Voting is currently set for 30 September 2022
Klaus Mikaelson — 10/09/2022
- I don't know if this is just me, but 6.1.1 could be worded better, it just doesn't read very well, which could cause potential legal challenges.
- As for 6.2.1, who is say what purposes are defined as malicious?
- 6.3.1- sometimes opposing what a nation can legally do is an act of bravery and patriotism. Should that not be considered?

- 6.4.1- how is a government going to outlaw dishonesty? It is a necessary tool of every politician, not to mention ever military member.

- Article 7- why is it the governments business what a citizen does with their money? Also, 250% of the value of the "hidden wealth". is that percentage a typo?
- The police budget seems a little inflated. May I ask where this figure comes from?
- Witness Protection budget is 110 million QUARTERLY. Are we hiding so many people that you need 440 million per year?
- The police commissioner is appointed by a cabinet minister. What's to prevent the minister from being corrupt and appointing someone that they want over someone who is better qualified?

I thank the Chancellor for naming the State Bureau of Investigations in my honor!
You establish the provincial court system, but how are the judges put into place?
I also think any inclusion of "wire-tapping" into law needs to be far more fleshed out in order to protect the rights of the citizens
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 10/09/2022
I'll break out each of the questions in the order given

-6.1.1: Does the Assembly member have a better wording in mind?
-6.2.1: That would be for the Jury or Judge to decide depending on the case. Malicious has very specific meanings for criminal codes.
-6.3.1: Does the Assembly mean that we should legalize armed rebellion or insurrection?
-6.4.1: I would argue the key difference being, a politician that fails to fulfil a campaign promise or acts differently than advertised is not the same as deliberate lying of falsification or records for personal gain at the expense of the government.
-Article 7: It is the duty of citizens to pay taxes on their income in accordance with Title 7, Individual Income Tax Act, Section 1
--Therefore to hide sources of wealth is to commit tax evasion or fraud depending on circumstances.
--No it was a deliberate high penalty. If a billionaire hides 500,000 million in wealth he would owe 1.25billion in fines.
-The Police Budget was pulled from the 642AB DBPR which was the most current at the time of writing.
-Given the state of crime in the Republic, that would be correct. This also includes the price to establish locations, maintain them, staff personnel, and the appropriate support services that manage all other aspects to include legal costs.
-What other process would the Assembly Member propose? I'll leave the specifics of how the Ministry currently considers appoints to the Commissioner position to @Joshua Lopez - Slatium or the Deputy Minister @Símôn Kalimeno (NUP) since it is their ministry.

-Provincial Judges. I did not include it in the bill, I will make a slight amendment to have those be Elected positions for the Provincial Courts.

-Monitoring Act. Did the Assembly Member have any specific protections or language he wished to offer?
Jonn Stevens (PPK) — 12/09/2022
Well seeing as theirs been little debate if it pleases the assembly I’d like a motion to vote
Patrick Barber — 12/09/2022
I don't believe three days is an appropriate minimum for such a far-reaching act. I would believe there are likely members looking for spare time to read and consider the act before they comment. I decline the motion.
John Edwards [KWP] — 12/09/2022
I'm still reading through this one
A query to start off, having just proposed a bill to establish the CTS, why now have the proposed SBI also cover terrorist issues. Surely one department would avoid jurisdictional issues.
Klaus Mikaelson — 12/09/2022
@Patrick Barber every time someone says SBI I'm going to thrown off. 😛
John Edwards [KWP] — 12/09/2022
Parts of this feel like bureaucracy for it's own sake. Is there any reason we can't combine the NKP, DETF, CTS and SBI into one service with appropriate departments? I'm looking at this bill at the same time as the 📜|safe-act.
Klaus Mikaelson — 13/09/2022
SBI is too amazing to be combined with others
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 13/09/2022
Speaking on the duties of the CTS, they are meant to be an interior Police Unit that is dedicated in the Anti-Terrorism role. Compared to the SBI which serves as more of an investigation and intelligence gathering force. As to why they are separated, conflicts of interest. If the SBI was also combined with the CTS, the potential of a corrupt or even rogue agency would be higher.

While the NKP with its drug enforcement task force is more enforcing the traditional role of policing.
Patrick Barber — 23/09/2022
Noting there are just 7 days remaining until the forced vote, are there any other @Assembly Members who wish to comment?
Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 03/10/2022
I would like to motion a vote on this item as well since we have passed the date for debate.
Aaron Tonnesen - New Asden — 03/10/2022
I second.

— 03/10/2022

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Tobias Virstürm (PPK) — 04/10/2022
Members of the assembly. This resolution is up for a vote. The voting period will be for 72 hours. Further discussion will only be permitted in the 🔆|lobby channel. Thank you.
Tobias Virstürm (PPK) — Yesterday at 00:49
@Assembly President
Patrick Barber — Today at 12:45
Adding this to the lawbooks now

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