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Patrick Barber

— 08/12/2022 13:36

@Assembly Member
Tabled by Deputy Chancellor Hester Sirocco-Loren, MGA, KWP as Minister of Health and Education.
Amendment to the Children and Dependents Act, 645
An amendment to ‘The Children and Dependents’ act that seeks to clarify the support available under Social Services.,_645
Proposed by Hester Sirocco-Loren, MGA, KWP.
Voting is presently set for 20 Dec 2022
Klaus Mikaelson — 08/12/2022 13:38
My only question, would it be simpler for the families involved to submit wages and earnings on a monthly basis instead of quarterly? I don't know of anyone who keeps tabs on personal affairs by the quarter
Aaron Tonnesen - New Asden — 08/12/2022 13:42
I think that there should be a separate clause for single parents… they should receive more pensions than a married couple. And usually salaries are monthly so it makes more sense for it to be based off of monthly earnings.
Hester Sirocco-Loren (Juliette) — 08/12/2022 13:42
I think this is a fair point by the current Minister of Social Services. I believe that as long as our systems are setup well, it should make monthly reporting feasible if that is simpler.
Klaus Mikaelson — 08/12/2022 13:43
I very much want to hear what others think about quarterly vs. monthly.
Hester Sirocco-Loren (Juliette) — 08/12/2022 13:46
True - being a single parent is a very different challenge to a family of two parents. I guess a natural follow-up: How much more?
John Edwards [KWP] — 08/12/2022 13:49
Quarterly is easier for us, monthly is easier for them. Making the red tape harder to manage is only going to draw criticism. Monthly makes sense.
Patrick Barber


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— 08/12/2022 13:49

Aaron Tonnesen - New Asden — 08/12/2022 13:49
That is tricky. Maybe <25%. More than that would likely screw up the numbers and make it way to expensive to operate without raising debt, taxes, etc.
Patrick Barber

— 08/12/2022 13:54

monthly is quarterly if you refer to the prior three months of reporting
John Edwards [KWP] — 08/12/2022 13:58
Yes, but my argument boiled down to who had to do the working out.
Patrick Barber

— 08/12/2022 13:58

if the gov only does the assessment quarterly its not much extra working out for either I think
demand reporting monthly, and then assess quarterly
Klaus Mikaelson — 09/12/2022 00:56
Maybe x1.5? Split the difference of having that second parent a bit, if that makes sense
Aaron S. Barcka (UKN) — 09/12/2022 00:56
Whats this Amenment about?
Phil Kirk (Tecianad. Isl.) [NUP] — 09/12/2022 00:59
Could you please let me know how much it will cost us?
Aaron S. Barcka (UKN) — 09/12/2022 01:17
Hester Sirocco-Loren (Juliette) — 09/12/2022 08:32
The same as the original bill, this amendment is for clarifying what the Government actually pays.
You may find the original bill in the Kodiak Law Code here:
Phil Kirk (Tecianad. Isl.) [NUP] — 09/12/2022 17:54
Hester Sirocco-Loren (Juliette) — 09/12/2022 19:49
All good, funding needs is probably more a Ministry question however, when I wrote this amendment I was the incumbent Minister for Social Services, but no longer.
Hester Sirocco-Loren (Juliette) — 12/12/2022 18:20
Regarding the question for an increase of payments for single parents by either 25% or 50%, I would like enquire with the Chancellor and Treasury regarding feasibility of an increase to 50% for single parents at this stage, or if we require an initial 25% increase? I'll note that the current funding allotment is not insignificant: The Children and Dependents Payment Act (630) Article II, 2.3 - The Fund shall be financed with ₣2,000,000,000 quarterly.

Keeping in mind we are clarifying payments we deliver to those that are eligible in this case, the funding is already assigned.
Erich Crysler -- Alsozar [UKN] — 12/12/2022 23:22
So the funding is still he same but we’re just redistributing the funding from somewhere else in this program to single parents?
Hester Sirocco-Loren (Juliette) — 12/12/2022 23:31
Hmm, not necessarily, since at this stage we are clarifying what payments should be. An explicitly written increase for single parents would merely, in theory, encode in law that they should be paid more. Although yes it may mean the fund distribution changes somewhat, that would be up to the administration of the payments and the Ministry. As that 2bil funding isn't all spent on the payments themselves but on other costs as well.
Patrick Barber

— 15/12/2022 12:56

@Assembly Member
Just a reminder after all the excitement over conscription that this bill is still here for debate.
John Edwards [KWP] — 15/12/2022 20:14
I haven't chimed in on this but that's because it seems pretty well put together already.
Joshua Lopez - Slatium — 16/12/2022 00:01
Yeah, no need to change anything here
Reifyrm Visdvk [I] — 16/12/2022 00:06
I support this
Erich Crysler -- Alsozar [UKN] — 16/12/2022 01:49
I support this also
Aaron S. Barcka (UKN) — 16/12/2022 02:11
Patrick Barber

— 16/12/2022 07:36

If there are no objections, I will bring to vote in 24 hours

— 17/12/2022 13:37

Do you approve of the Amendment to the Children and Dependents Act, 645?

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🇧 Nay
🇨 Abstain

Final Result
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🇧 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 11%]
🇨 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [1 • 6%]
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Patrick Barber

— 17/12/2022 13:37

@Assembly Member
Debate is now suspended. The poll to approve the Amendment to the Children and Dependents Act, 645 is now available for 72 hours.
Patrick Barber

— 19/12/2022 23:50

@Assembly Member
This poll will close in ~14 hours. Please be sure to vote as soon as possible.
Patrick Barber

— 20/12/2022 14:51

@Assembly Member
The poll is now closed. With 15:2:1 the measure is enacted. This debate shall be archived in 24 hours.

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