Stem Cell Research Act (661)

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PASSED by the General Assembly on 12 December 661 - 16 Aye, 02 Nay, 01 Abstain

An act to fund research into stem cells.

Article One - National Committee for Stem Cell Research

1.1 - The National Committee for Stem Cell Research (NaSCRL) is established under KISRA.
1.2 - The Committee’s purpose is to provide grants to Kodiak researchers currently developing stem cell technology.
1.3 - NaSCRL shall receive 3 million Florins quarterly for internal administration and salary.

Article Two - Grants

2.1 - NaSCRL is granted the power to:
2.1.1 - Administer itself
2.1.2 - Receive and review grant requests
2.1.3 - Provide grants to stem cell researchers
2.1.4 - Construct a public awareness website or similar media outreach
2.1.5 - Establish and publish regulations for the use of stem cells in research.
2.1.6 - Enforce said regulations with fines and denial of grants.
2.2 - Annually, NaSCRL shall receive 190 million Florins for the purpose of grants.

Tabled by Josef Kovac, MGA, DPPK.

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