Second Constitution of the Second Republic

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Preamble: Recognizing the need for a fundamental statement of laws regarding the mechanisms and responsibilities that define our system of government. The founding members of the Kodiak Republic endorse this Constitution as the authoritative document regarding our region and all regions subordinate to the Kodiak Republic.

22 October 2008

Article I - The President

He must have served at least two months as a government official and/or authored 5 passing pieces of legislation. His term is 4 months. The President is the head of state, who shall swear in all other officials of the Kodiak Republic, and shall be the chief representative of the Republic abroad. The President is the commander-in-chief of the Militia, though he or she may delegate this position to the Prime Minister. During a time of crisis, the President may take charge of the government.

Article II - The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister shall be the leader of the Republic's government. He or she shall be elected every two months from the General Assembly. He or she shall make arrangements to manage the government so as best to enact the edicts of the General Assembly. Alliances, foreign treaties, the acquisition of territory, declarations of war, and military actions must be approved by the Prime Minister.

Appointments and actions made by the Prime Minister that the President sees as necessary that are not otherwise defined in this Constitution shall be subject to approval by the General Assembly.

Article III - Executive Branch

The Prime Minister shall lead the Executive Ministries, and those primary ministries shall be those of Domestic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Military Affairs.
The Secretary of State shall serve as an intermediate officer in conducting the business of the Ministries of Domestic Affairs and Foreign Affairs of the Kodiak Republic, as well as being the primary diplomat for the Kodiak Federation.
The Ministry of Domestic Affairs shall handle internal issues, and that of Foreign Affairs issues concerning ambassadors, embassies, and relations with other regions. The Secretary of Defense shall the Republican Contingent of the Federal Legion. He shall also be responsible for intelligence gathering and the security of the region.
The Ministry of Military Affairs shall be concerned with building and leading the Kodiak Republic’s division of the Federal Legion, and its Minister shall be accorded the rank of Brigadier General upon acceptance.

Article IV - The World Assembly Delegate

The WA Delegate is the elected delegate of the region. The WA Delegate may only vote on World Assembly Resolutions according to the public's wishes as ascertained by a poll of citizens held on the forum of the Kodiak Republic. He or she is to relay any telegrams concerning international requests to the President. He or she shall serve until challenged by a citizen of the Kodiak Republic in a general election cycle, and defeated by a majority of votes in favor of the challenger.

Article V - The General Assembly

All citizens, regardless of government position, time in region, or status outside The Kodiak Republic is a member of the General Assembly. The General Assembly is the legislative body of the region. A bill may be introduced by any member of the region at any time. Alliances, Foreign Agreements, declarations of war, and constitutional amendments must be approved by the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall elect a Premier once a month to lead them. He or she shall be their Moderator, and shall observe legislative rules and begin voting.

Article VI - The Judiciary

The Judiciary Branch shall be invested with the power to interpret the law, try offenders, and met punishments.
The Judiciary shall be led by the two Magistrates, who shall preside in all court cases.
All citizens of the Republic have a right to a fair trial and due process of law.
No property shall be manhandled without the direct order of the Magistrates.
The Magistrates shall be permitted to issue specific warrants of search and seizure.
Bills that are proposed in the General Assembly may be reviewed by the Judiciary and examined for constitutionality.
The Magistrates shall be elected every two months by the General Assembly.

Article VII - Forum Rights

The President and Prime Minister shall be the only administrators besides the ROOT Administrator.
The Secretaries and the Ministers, and the Chancellor shall be global moderators.
The several officers of the Republic may be accorded moderator status concerning their roles in the Republic on consent of the President or Prime Minister.
This recognizes the ROOT Administrator's responsibility and authority to keep the forum up to the InvisionFree terms of service, despite any laws or practices to the contrary.

Article VIII - The Succession of Offices

Upon the inactivity of the office of President or Prime Minister, the following sequence of officers shall stand in seniority in terms of taking the position over until such time as an election may be held for its replacement.
Elections shall be held by the presiding officer at the first possible opportunity.
Prime Minister
Secretary of State
Secretary of Defense

Article IX - Changing the Constitution

Amendments may be made to the Constitution by a vote greater than two-thirds of the General Assembly.


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