Resolution to Repeal the Kodiak Security Service Law, 643

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Resolution to Repeal the Kodiak Security Service Law, 643

A resolution to repeal the Kodiak Security Service Law and remove conscription from the Kodiak Law Code.
PASSED on 28 December 2022 with 21 Aye, 02 Nay, 01 Abstain.

Be it Resolved

BY The General Assembly of the Most Serene Republic of Kodiak;

RECOGNISING the need to maintain an effective defence force;

MOURNING the War for the Darrent that obligated this law;

IDENTIFYING the Kodiak Security Service Law, 643's use of conscription to match these needs;

LAMENTING the loss of civil liberties inherent in conscripted military service;

ACCEPTING the clear social discontent among those qualifying for conscription;

APPRECIATING the multi-partisan response of this Assembly to develop an alternative to conscription;

HEREBY REPEALS Title 6 Section 1 of the Kodiak Law Code: the The Kodiak Security Service Law, 643.

Written and Proposed by President Patrick Barber, MGA, KWP.

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