Resolution to Investigate Foreign Assistance to Internal Dissenters, (664)

From The Kodiak Republic Wiki

PASSED by the General Assembly on 18 February 663. 15 AYES, 1 NAY, 3 ABSTAINS.
A resolution to discover the international source of military goods supplied to the Southern Insurrection.

RECOGNIZING the likelihood that the Southern Insurrection is being funded and supplied by a Foreign Nation.;

CONDEMNING this attack of the sovereignty of the Serene Republic.;

WE RESOLVE to discover the source of this international assistance;

WE REQUEST for Foreign Nations to avoid interfering in internal conflicts without permission from the Serene Republic.;

WE INSTRUCT the Chancellor to use any reasonable means to discover the Southern Insurrection's Supplier.;

Tabled by Josef Kovac, MGA.

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