Resolution to Amend the Felony Act

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A resolution to amend the Kodiak Felony Act, 637 to include the crime of Child Endangerment.

PASSED on 06 January 2023, with 13 Aye, 02 Nay, 04 Abstain.

Be it resolved by the General Assembly

HEREBY amends the Kodiak Felony Act, 637 to rename 'Article 9' to 'Article 11';

AND inserts the following:

Article 9 - Endangering the Welfare of a Child

9.1 - A child is defined as an individual under the age of 17 who has not become legally emancipated from their guardians.
9.2 - Endangering is defined as any act or lack thereof that either deliberately or negligently places a minor in a situation where their life or overall wellbeing is at risk.
9.2.1 - Examples include but are not limited to: Driving while under the influence with the child in the vehicle. Failing to secure medical attention for a child in need. Using controlled substances around the child. Forcing the child in question to consume pineapple pizza.
9.3 - Punishable by up to 5 years in prison

Article 10 - Cyber Crime

10.1 - Cyber crime is defined as, "the illegal usage of any communication device to commit or facilitate in committing any illegal act."
10.2 - Criminal activities are defined as, "any conduct that is prohibited by any criminal laws,"actions that are punishable through formal sanctions. Punishable offenses include:
10.2.1 - Phishing and scamming: type of social engineering attack that targets the user and tricks them by sending fake messages and emails to get sensitive information about the user or trying to download malicious software and exploit it on the target system.
10.2.2 - Identity theft: ses another person’s personal data like credit card numbers or personal pictures without their permission to commit a fraud or a crime.
10.2.3 - Hacking: unauthorized access to private computers or networks and misuse of it either by shutting it down or tampering with the data stored or other illegal approaches.
10.2.4 - Fraud: makes use of the internet and it can be considered a general term that groups all of the crimes that happen over the internet like spam, banking frauds, theft of service, etc.
10.3 - Violations are punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years (not more than 10 years for subsequent offenses) and/or a fine of not more than 250,000 Florins.

Proposed by Klaus Mikaelson, MGA, KWP.

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