Resolution on Policing

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Pulled from the Assembly Floor on 1 February 2023.

Article 1 - Keep Immigration and Policing Systems Separate

1.1 - Stop unworkable teamwork between local authorities and immigration authorities and protect the human rights of everyone who migrates

Article 2 - Enhance Legal Accountability

2.1 - limit a police officer’s ability to invoke qualified immunity against charges of excessive force

Article 3 - Use Video Recording to Promote Accountability

3.1 - Require that police interrogations be electronically recorded "during the time in which a reasonable person in the subject’s position would consider [them]self to be in custody and a law enforcement officer’s questioning is likely to elicit incriminating responses."

Article 4 - Encourage Consistent Monitoring and Screening

4.1 - Police departments should create early warning systems for detecting patterns of behavior, such as complaints filed against officers or personal hardships like divorce, which indicate potential vulnerabilities for the officer and the department.

Article 5 - Focus on Collaborative Approaches to Policing

5.1 - Police departments should rely upon collaborative approaches that respect the dignity of individuals within the community; focus on problem-solving; and are generally more community-centered and build community trust.

Article 6 - Hold Police Departments Responsible for Negligence

6.1 - To promote accountability, local, state, and county legislatures should pass legislation that requires police departments to pay half the amount of civil judgments that stem from police misconduct lawsuits.

Article 7 - Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement

7.1 - Prohibit the transfer of military equipment that is not suitable for law enforcement purposes by the Department of Defense.

Article 8 - Provide Demographic Data

8.1 - Require that law enforcement agencies provide disaggregated demographic data on police interactions with individuals and communities in all funding applications

Written and Proposed by Joshua Lopez, MGA, Independent.

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