Reconstruction Incentive Scheme, 650

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PASSED on March 11, 2023 by a vote of 17 Aye, 2 Nay and 3 Abstaining.

Reconstruction Incentive Scheme

The reconstruction efforts in the Darrent region will require vast manpower and resources while our construction industry is already heaving with work. This proposal aims to make use of, and offer incentives to our nations homeless, by providing training, housing and pay to join the reconstruction effort.

Article 1 – Eligible persons

1.1 - Any citizen with no fixed address and no pre-existing form of employment.

Article 2 – Transportation

2.1 - Transportation in the form of shuttle buses will be provided at pre-established pick up sites to transport eligible workers to worksites.
2.2 - Transportation is to be provided from nearby provided accommodation to worksites and return at the beginning and end of each shift.

Article 3 – Housing/Accommodation

3.1 – Nearby local accommodation may be hired for use as long as transportation to worksites does not exceed 1 hour.
3.2 – In addition to 3.1, modular temporary accommodation structures are to be provided to eligible workers. Maximum of 2 workers per room.
3.2 – Where nearby accommodation is not available and temporary accommodations are not yet available, the nearest available accommodation is to be utilised until such time as nearby temporary accommodation construction can be completed and workers transported to their accommodations..

Article 4 – Training

4.1 - Eligible workers are to receive training necessary to perform the duties they are assigned.
4.2 - Training will be provided on site by accredited trainers.
4.3 - Upon completion of training, eligible workers will possess a qualification in the profession that they were trained in. This qualification will continue to be recognised following completion of the reconstruction effort.

Article 5 - Type of work

5.1 - Eligible workers may be trained in any profession that is deemed required to aid the reconstruction effort.
5.2 - Eligible workers may request training in a different profession than they were initially assigned at the discretion of trainers, availability, and reasonable reason for the transfer.
5.3 - Eligible workers will assist with the construction and deconstruction of the modular temporary accommodation in addition to reconstruction work.

Article 6 – Pay

6.1 - Eligible workers are to paid by the Ministry of Commerce & Labour in line with the occupation that they are trained to perform.
6.2 - During the training period, they are to be paid a wage appropriate to a comparable apprenticeship.

Article 7 – Funding

7.1 - The Reconstruction Incentive Scheme is to be funded at 50,000,000 Florins per quarter. (edited)

Proposed by John Edwards, MGA, KWP