Protection from Bee Puns Act

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To protect the citizens of Kodiak from these unnecessary and painful puns which often are a major buzzkill and a stinger straight to the heart of any conversation

FAILED IN THE ASSEMBLY on 19 April 2023 with 8 Aye, 15 Nay, and 4 Abstain.

In order to protect the sanity of most citizens, bee puns must be outlawed.

Article One: Bee Puns

1.1 - A bee pun is defined as a play on words that substitutes the correct spelling or pronunciation with the word "bee." Examples include, but are not limited to, "Bee happy," "Let the dissenters bee," and "unbeeleaveable."
1.2 - Any person found using a bee pun will be given a fine of 100 florins for the first offense, 1000 florins for the second offense, and 3 months of jail time for any further offenses.
1.3 - Any newspaper, TV station, tweeter account, or any other media that use bee puns is subject to the dissolution of the media station.
1.4 - The above sections do not apply to any legislature or official General Assembly debates about said legislature.

Written and Proposed by Mivod Hlaja, MGA, KWP.

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