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Section 1 - Definition and Purpose

1.1 - The Kodiak State Postal Service (the Service) is established[1].
1.1.1 - Is a state-run agency responsible for the delivery of mail and other postal services within the boundaries of the Republic of Kodiak.
1.1.2 - The purpose of the Service is to provide affordable and efficient postal services to the citizens of Kodiak, to promote economic development and communication throughout the republic, and to operate as a profitable enterprise.

Section 2 - Authorities

2.1 - The Service shall have the power to:[2]
2.1.1 - Establish and operate post offices and other postal facilities throughout the republic;
2.1.2 - Collect, transport, and deliver mail, packages, and other postal items;
2.1.3 - Set rates and fees for postal services, subject to the approval of the Minister of Industry and Commerce;
2.1.4 - Enter into agreements with other postal services or government agencies to facilitate the delivery of mail and other postal items;
2.1.5 - Enforce federal and republic postal regulations and laws; and
2.1.6 - Carry out any other duties necessary for the operation of the Service.
2.2 - The Service shall be responsible for:[3]
2.2.1 - Ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of mail and other postal items;
2.2.2 - Providing customer service and support to users of the Service;
2.2.3 - Maintaining accurate records of postal operations and finances;
2.2.4 - Developing and implementing policies and procedures for the operation of the Service;
2.2.5 - Coordinating with federal postal authorities and other relevant agencies as necessary; and
2.2.6 - Any other duties assigned by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Section 3 - Revenue and Budget

3.1 - The Service is funded through the Kodiak State Budget and shall be authorized to collect fees for postal services as set forth in Section 2.1.3 [4].
3.2 - The Service shall submit an annual budget to the Minister of Industry and Commerce for approval, which shall include detailed information on the Service's expenses, revenue, and projected needs [5].
3.3 - The Service is run as a competing enterprise alongside private postal corporations in accordance to Section 1.2 [6].

Section 4 - Personnel and Management

4.1 - The Service is managed by an Executive Director, who is appointed by the Minister of Commerce and Labour [7].
4.2 - The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Service, and shall have the power to appoint and remove employees as necessary [8].
4.3 - The Executive Director shall report to the Minister of Industry and Commerce on the activities and performance of the Service [9].


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