Official Démarche to the Democratic Republic, 649

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Guelderlaand Executive Building,

28 December 649 \ 8 January 2023


TO: the Executive of the Democratic Republic of Valeria

Honourable Consul;
Honourable Premier;

The Serene Republic of Kodiak observes the unique circumstances of the political difficulties presently afflicting the Valerian government with great trepidation. It notes with particular concern the questionable conduct of some senior-most officials of Valeria, especially conduct which appears to suggest their loyalty to (and therefore the safety and stability of) Valeria is compromised.

Kodiak would like to identify in particular the unique situation where the protector of the Valerian Records and comptroller of Facilities is also the chief executive of an organisation which has demonstrated hostile intent towards Valeria, and that he does so while representing a government with clear hostility to Valeria.

Kodiak also observes with some distress the volume of resignations within the Valerian Government and holds great concern for the health of the Valerian Republic.

As Kodiak and Valeria host a bi-lateral cultural and security alliance, Kodiak believes these destabilising events puts this relationship as well as the Republic of Kodiak at risk. Thusly, it has been decided by the Executive Cabinet in committee that Kodiak must present to you, with great sorrow, this formal notice that if the long term security of the Democratic Republic of Valeria cannot be adequately demonstrated within the next twelve weeks (three Kodiaker Years), the Republic of Kodiak will formally withdraw from the treaty of Demkodia.

The Republic of Kodiak offers still its friendship and condolences, as well as material administrative support where requested.

The Hon. Chancellor John Edwards, MGA
Chancellor of the Republic of Kodiak

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