Office of the Ministry of Social Services

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Section 1 The Postal Service

1.1 - The Kodiak State Postal Service is subordinate to the Minister of Social Services[1]
1.2 - The Service shall be managed by an Executive Director, who shall be appointed by the Minister of Social Services.[2]
1.2.1 - The Executive Director shall be responsible for the overall management and operation of the Service, and shall have the power to appoint and remove employees as necessary.[3]
1.2.2 - The Executive Director shall report to the Minister of Social Services on the activities and performance of the Service.[4]
1.3 - The Service shall be funded through the Kodiak State Budget and shall be authorized to collect fees for postal services as set forth in Section 2.1.3.[5]
1.3.1 - The Service shall submit an annual budget to the Minister of Social Services for approval, which shall include detailed information on the Service's expenses, revenue, and projected needs.[6]
1.4 - The Service shall be run as a competing enterprise alongside private postal corporations in accordance to Section 1.2.[7]

Section 2 The Department of Pensions

2.1 - The Department of Pensions is subordinate to the the Ministry of Social Services. [8]
2.2 - The Purpose is to administer the payment of pensions.[9]

Section 3 Department of Unemployment Benefits

3.1 - The Department of Unemployment Benefits is subordinate to the Ministry of Social Services. [10]
3.2 - The Purpose is to oversea the payment of benefits.[11]

Section 4 Department of Housing Administration

4.1 - The Department of Housing Administration is subordinate to the Ministry of Social Services[12]
4.2 - The DoHA shall be coordinated by a board of no less than five (5) advisors, appointed to five (5) year terms, on the advice of the sitting Minister for Social Services.[13]
4.3 - The DoHA shall be managed by the Director of Housing, responsible directly to the Minister of Social Services, and hired by the board.[14]
4.4 - The DoHA shall be responsible for the administration of the provisions of this act, including income assessment, communication, and provisioning[15]
4.5 - The DoHA shall be tasked with utilising the funds provided to first begin the construction of medium density housing.[16]
4.6 - The DoHA may instruct local municipalities to utilise power of eminent domain to pay for and acquire land within urban and regional centres, as well as near commercial and business centres.[17]
4.7 - It is expected that all funds will be utilised for the purchase of land, construction of residences, and maintenance of DoHA property without permission for the administration to save or invest funds for any other purpose.[18]
4.8 - An independent commission within the DoHA will be tasked with analysing and selecting which residential facilities will best serve an area.[19]
4.8.1 - The commission must concentrate on providing medium density housing.[20]
4.8.2 - The commission must concentrate on providing cost effective designs appropriate to the area, with townhouses and/or mid-rises which are five stories or less.[21]
4.8.3 - The commission must ensure the procurement of wheelchair accessible units at a ratio of at least 1:10.[22]

Section 5 The Department of Fraud Investigation

5.1 - The Deptpartment of Fraud Investigation is subordinate to the Minister of Social Services[23]
5.2 - The Purpose to investigate all fraudulent acts related to State Welfare Subsidies.[24]


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