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Kodiak Republic New Player Guide

Welcome to the Kodiak Republic! We are glad to have you with us. If you simply cannot wait to get involved and meet everyone, please feel free to jump straight to the Discord and apply to take part in the Assembly. If you need any help, a citizen of Kodiak is right around the corner, so please feel free to give us a shout and we will see what we can do for you!

What is The Kodiak Republic?

The Kodiak Republic originally began as a Nationstates region in 2008! You can find out more about our history here: Kodiak OOC History. Today we are a political simulation and discord community. Although we still retain a branch in Nationstates for those that would like to play via Nationstates. Our core game play is through our unique government and political role play and simulation. We use a modified version of Democracy 4 to simulate the effects of legislation, government policy, and actions taken in response to crisis' or events! This creates game play where we can create real change in a simulated nation - that you are now a part of!

Throughout the years, we have always upheld some very simple ideals that help us make this community a great place to be. Our founding pillars of this society revolve around the importance of democracy of the people, integrity in all we do, equality for all people, and finally, community. As a community we recognise that people come from all sorts of places, with all sorts of history, and should be free from discrimination and free to have a voice. These pillars focus on things that build the foundation to a strong, safe, and friendly community to spend your time in. That is important.

How do I get started?



...Law code

...Political parties

The Core Political Simulation

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Your role as representative of the people

While you are a citizen of the Kodiak Republic (apply on Discord if you haven't already), as a player of the political simulator you are also role-playing as a representative of the people. Whether you have decided your character is a newly elected representative for your constituency of Kodiak, or have been around for quite sometime, you will represent the people in the General Assembly. The General Assembly is the legislative body of the Kodiak Republic where representatives discuss or debate legislation, propose their own legislation, and vote to pass or deny legislation! We certainly look forward to what you will do as a Member of the General Assembly (MGA)!

What are constituencies?


Can I change characters?


How does the Government work?

...government structure


...GA legislators

...Chief Justice

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